Monday, October 7, 2013

Caronia Nail Polish | Kiwi

Welcome to the new blog! Here I merged three blogs - my old personal blog (but I only took the nail polish swatches and the Bucket List posts), my weight-loss journey blog, and the blog I co-author with my sister. Like what I've said on my last post, I need to create time for my exercises and book reading, so I decided to merge all three blog to ensure that this gets updated everyday. :)

Caronia Nail Polish - Kiwi Caronia Nail Polish - Kiwi

Green symbolizes spring... new life, a breath of fresh air. So for today, I am going to share this mani - Caronia Nail Polish in Kiwi.

One of the things I dislike about Caronia Nail Polish is that it tends to thicken after its first use. This one, I bought Christmastime last year as I learned that Caronia Nail Polish is a good nail polish to use for water marbling, but in the end, I used it for a different nail art. Since then, I haven't used this nail polish anymore until last August, and surprise, surprise... the formula's still the same like the time I bought it!

Well of course, Caronia Nail Polish has a thicker consistency compared to some local brands I have tried, but it was easy to work with. The key though is.. to go with thin coats as much as possible as thicker coats would lead to uneven coverage on the nails.

On my nails are two medium coats, allowing the first coat to completely dry first before applying the second one.

So... did it look like kiwi? A friend of mine said it looks more avocado than kiwi, but regardless, I think it looks fresh... and I am glad it looked okay for my skintone.


  1. OMGGGG! I am sooo in LOVE with this color! I've never heard of that brand before. But thanks for sharing! BTW, I found your blog by way of Glitter & Gloss! Feel free to stop by my blog and link up as well. Thanks!


    1. Thank you! Caronia is a local brand here in the Philippines. :)

  2. This is a fab colour!! I guess it could be avacado-y, but I think you're right that it's more kiwi-like. Haha! Either way, it looks great against your skin. Love the shape of your nails, too! Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. I guess it's more accurate to avocado, but if I saw it I would think kiwi. Such a fun color!


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