Friday, October 11, 2013

The Happies and the Crappies

Listing down the happies and the crappies from this week:

My Bed Mate

Happy happies:

❤ Buying another silver footwear. The nearby market has a store that sells different kinds of footwear (mostly flip flops and sandals), and when I saw this pair of thong slippers for less than 100 pesos (a little over 2 usd), I immediately bought it. This pair will come in handy when my feet get tired wearing the Mary Jane pumps I plan to use for brother's birthday.

❤ My cat Moe-Moe sleeping with me. Well, he always sleeps next to me every night, but I can be like Elmyra Duff (from the Tiny Toons animated series) with my cat, so he would wait 'til I am asleep before he would hop on my bed (I always wake up with him next to me), but lately, I am still up late at night... and this would disappoint him, because as soon as the clock strikes 11pm, he would meow and rub himself on my legs and sometimes bite my arms or walk across my netbook just to say that it's time for bed. One night this week, I was reading my eBook and he suddenly just hopped on my bed and lied next to me. Awww... what a sweet kitty.

❤ Painting my nails. Whoa, it's been more than a week since I last painted them.

❤ When K flew here for a holiday, he gifted me with a clothing item. It was two sizes smaller than my current size so I told him I would just wear it once I lose the weight, but yesterday I tried it on... just for fun, and it did fit!

The crappy crappies:

☠ My skin is way too dry and looks like snake shedding skin. Well, this is actually a happie, because I knew the product I applied on my skin was working, but then again it just look awful at this moment.

☠ I still am not done reading my book. Sucks to encounter a reader's block. Hahaha.

☠ I lost in two giveaways I joined, but it's just fine. I am more sad that I just read about Nuffnang's current bloggers giveaway because I cannot join anymore. They are giving away free roundtrip tickets via AirAsia Zest, and it would be a great thing to win because the airlines fly to Cagayan de Oro (I could use it for brother's wedding should I win), but because they are only giving the prize to the first 5 bloggers and there were already 60+ bloggers who registered for the giveaway, there is no way I will win that one.

☠ It's raining again... and with rain comes more mosquitoes. Ugh.

☠ I still am not done fixing this blog. I don't know what's up with Blogger, I would hit the save button over and over and it wouldn't save!

☠ Yahoo! Mail and Flickr changed the user interface and I just hated it.

This weekend, I am going to bake some rocky road brownies and next week, will try to bake carrot cupcakes. I hope both of these baking adventures will end up on my happies list next Friday.

Enjoy the weekends, everyone!

* Jenn *

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  1. I so hate when email providers change their interface..I so hate the new gmail one. Have a great weekend!

  2. It's so annoying, right? Have a great weekend, too.


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