Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sisters Weekend Out

Baptism Party at Shakey's

I never had any plans last weekend, but since one of sister's friends from college couldn't attend the baptism celebration of another friend's baby, sister decided to tag me along. Celebration took place at the St. James Church in Quezon City, and the reception was held at Shakey's located along Congressional Avenue. It was a very solemn and simple celebration - attended by 99% family.

Footwear Wish

The event ended a little past lunchtime, and since it was still early, sister and I went to the nearest mall - SM City North EDSA. Roaming around, checking shops here and there led us to the Sky Dome, where a big shoes and bags sale was held. We both felt sad when the items we wanted to buy for many months now were things we couldn't afford at that time because sister left her last salary envelope at work and I only brought enough money to sustain the day because I am going to buy books online from two different sellers and I wanted to set aside money for that instead of doing some impulse shopping.

PB&J Cupcake + Irish Vanilla Coffee
Cake Fest with Sister

However, what we weren't able to control was the temptation of this pastry shop that sells very cheap cake slices at 35 pesos! Sister and I decided to try it out (since she and I are planning to be home bakers soon). I paid for the three cake slices plus my choice of coffee, and she bought two cupcakes (which are slightly more expensive than the cakes I bought) and her coffee. At 35 pesos per slice, the cakes blew us away. One of the cakes - the red velvet one gave us a foodgasmic experience, while the other cupcake was quite basic. It was quite a sugar overload, but we didn't eat all the icing and frosting.

It was a little sad that mom wasn't with us that day, but I did promise her that us three girls will enjoy a weekend out together.

{Image of the cupcake and coffee was edited by adding Kim Klassen's 123 texture set to hard light at 40%.}

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