Sunday, October 13, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 101313

I wasn't able to continue with FatMumSlim's October Photo a Day, but I was able to take a picture of some of the prompts this week.

Moe-Moe the Cat

1) M is for...
Moe-Moe Furballs, our baby cat. Again, he was trying to convince me that it's time for bed, so after hopping on me and disturbing my tv watching, he started playing stints by cleaning himself on the desk, directly across me.

White Flowers

2) What you saw today
A typhoon just left, and when I checked the garden to assess the damage, I was surprised to actually see a plant blooming.

Rocky Road Brownies

3) Corner
An image of the Rocky Road Brownies, taken near the corner of the pan before I pop it in the oven toaster.


4) Pink
The only pinkish picture I took this week - another one from the garden. It's just cute to see how green turns to pink and pink to red.

Nail Art

5) Hands
When my nail polish starts to chip, I either take it out (chipped nail polish often results to chipped nails so I had to do something about it asap) or I experiment with nail art. Not a good outcome of the ombre sponging technique, but it's always great to try... at least I know now that this combination doesn't work. :)

This weekend, the girls and I...

  • Cleaned the house. I don't know how and why, but last Friday night when the rain poured real hard, I saw about two or three cockroaches near the stove, so yesterday morning, we cleaned the entire house and sprayed a tin of insect repellent. It's so icky to see cockroaches, we had to eliminate it right Baway.
  • I baked Rocky Road Brownies using the oven toaster. It wasn't a very successful one, but not a failure either.
  • We went to the mall - eating lunch together, bought shoes, and did the grocery shopping.
  • Listed the things needed to do for the coming week. For me, it's all about diet and exercise. 
It's a great thing that the rain has stopped and the sun shone today, and we are all looking forward to a great week ahead.

* Jenn *

Ni Hao Yall Unknown Mami


  1. I love the photos. Kitty is adorable! The brownies look good, too.

  2. Ohh! Pretty pictures. I love the kitten. Greetings from Spain

  3. Love the hands shot...what a great idea to experiment when your polish starts to chip! I have to try that.

  4. Oh the Brownies sound so yummy.
    Your kitty looks so cute, they can be such pests and yet so loveable.
    Love the pink shot.

  5. I might be craving those rocky road brownies now.


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