Friday, October 25, 2013

The Happies and the Crappies

This week was a busy one for me that I didn't devote enough time to exercise and read books. Biggest crappie for the week would have to be my body not feeling good because I was still having bad reactions with the pork belly binge we had when sister went home with a kilo of belly lechon. It was difficult to cope up with headaches, dizziness, and heartburn, but eating vegetables and not eating pork for about 5 days seemed to help.

Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio High Street

Last Wednesday, I went to attend an event at the Fort, and my day started on a crappie note when I woke up as early as 5am to prepare breakfast and leave home in time for the 10am event, only to realize that I misread the invitation and the event was actually at 2pm and not 10am. Five hours to kill (I arrived at 9am), what to do? I didn't bring my book, and I couldn't read using my phone because I needed battery juice to take images at the event.

Despite the hot, sunny weather, I decided to walk. From the Fort Pointe Building, I walked to Bonifacio High Street to stay and read books at Fully Booked, but when I got there, I was sad to see that the book store opens at 11am. Oh dear... I walked further to Market! Market! and checked out different shops, until the mall opens.

I spent time browsing books at Booksale, checking every nook and cranny of the bookstore, but even if I got to see a few interesting books, I didn't have the money to burn. I did get to buy a book at 25 pesos, so from then on my dad was turning into a happie.

I walked back to the Fort Pointe Building for the event, and was happy to see familiar faces. The event was short and I didn't get to take a lot of pictures, but I was able to take enough for my upcoming blog post. Another long walk for me as I had to walk back to Market! Market! to take the BGC Bus to Ayala where I took the jeepney going to my sister's workplace.

Dinner at Cabalen

My sister's shift at work was until 9pm, giving me enough time to spend time with a dear friend. From Benavidez Street, I walked all the way to Glorietta to have dinner at Cabalen... my first time to eat pork after a few days. It was a great dinner because I spent it with a person dear to me, but this food trip will never be featured on my food blog because I wasn't totally happy with it. There were enough choices for the buffet, yes.. but the fatty dishes outweighs the amount of grilled fish / veggie dishes, so I felt I had no choice but to go with the fatty dishes. The Kare-Kare tasted great, though.

My friend and I shared food and conversations and he dropped me right in front of sister's workplace and sister and I went home together. A lot of walking which included stair climbing... my legs burned and I was so tired. Tired, but happy and fulfilled.

Empanada Filling Empanadas
Cooked Empanadas

This week, I also got to try something new. My mom went out with a friend and the boring afternoon prompted me to cook these empanadas. Crappy moment happened when the LPG tank ran out of juice while I was frying the first batch of empanadas, but two hours after, I resumed cooking and these became our dinner (we left some for sister, too, of course).

More happies from this week -
♥ Buying cheap, pre-loved books via Instagram. The first book I already received, the other two books, I still have to wait.
♥ Because I was out all day last Wednesday (sister and I got home around 11:30pm), my cat missed me so much that when I went to bed, he immediately hopped next to me and didn't leave my side until I got up the next morning.
♥ My mom posing for an OOTD (outfit of the day) picture. My mom's fashion is usually monochromatic and I was quite amused seeing her wear blue top, blue jeans, and blue pair of shoes, that I asked her to pose for a picture, which she was game to do. Actually, when she left to attend a prayer meeting, I didn't realize she was also using a blue bag... and when I exclaimed my surprise about it, she complained that we need to take one more picture because the early pictures I took didn't show her bag. Ohhhkay mom. :)
♥ Batangas beef!
♥ Sister's work at a restaurant allowed her to know about different suppliers, and now we know where to buy super affordable salmon belly, cream dory fish, and squid rings. How affordable? 1/3 the price of that being sold at the supermarkets.
♥ Winning two giveaways - Starbucks Card Giveaway hosted by The Peach Kitchen and the Ghoulish Giveaway via Instagram hosted by China Glaze nail polish. Thank you, Lord for the blessings.

♥ Me not attending a restaurant opening last Tuesday.
♥ Borrowing 500 pesos from my sister just so I could pay the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book I ordered. #bookwormproblems #somanybookssolittlemoney
♥ I painted my nails red this week, and although the nail polish had a good coverage and I had to use just one coat, it was quite difficult to work with and it chipped too easily that I actually painted my nails three times for it to be worthy of a picture.

This weekend, I am going to spend my Saturday morning with my mom, attending a class at the Maya Kitchen, then in the afternoon we will meet with sister and go to SM Mall of Asia. Come night time, mom will attend a party and sister and I will spend it by trying to bake some carrot cupcakes.

Sunday will be a rest day.

* Jenn *

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