Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OMG Nail Colors | Happy Hour

My Monday was so busy that I wasn't able to blog, and because I will be out all day tomorrow, I really have to update the blogs so there won't be too much gap between the posts.

OMG Nail Polish | Happy Hour

For this week's Nail Files, I am sharing to you this super awesome dark nail polish by OMG (Oh My Golly) Nail Colors in Happy Hour shade.

I purchased this at the Landmark Trinoma and at first I thought it was black and almost didn't buy it because I told myself that I will only buy black nail polish if there is something unique about it because you know... regardless of its brand, black nail polish will always be black, no comparison to its shade (but I do know formulas and consistency varies). Upon close inspection, I realized this wasn't black but a very dark plum nail polish, so I bought it.

OMG Nail Polish | Happy Hour OMG Nail Polish | Happy Hour

My pictures didn't capture it, but there were flecks in this nail polish - it wasn't the typical solid creme nail polish. It reminds me of Rain by Colortrends shade called Nirvana, but OMG Nail Colors had a better formula than Rain. It still had the stiff brush bristles, but I didn't have too much problems applying this one.

On my nails are 1 very thin coat + 2 medium coats of Happy Hour, without top coat. As with the other nail polishes I've tried from this brand, it dried very quick and was very sturdy.

I find it quite awesome to wear nail polish that are so dark it looks black from afar when it really wasn't black. I have had a few African Plum shade nail polishes in my stash, and this had the best formula of all. This was something I would restock once I emptied the bottle.

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What a great news to wake up to! #winner

Oh by the way, lemme just share a super duper wonderful news that I received this morning - I won in China Glaze's Ghoulish Giveaway via Instagram featuring their Monster's Ball collection! This was the first time that I won in a Nail Polish giveaway, and I was so happy! I wanted to really win this one, especially that I didn't win the Picture Polish giveaway, but with thousands that joined, I almost didn't expect that I'd win. When I woke up this morning, I just saw there was a notification from Instagram and there was it...a tagged post from China Glaze informing that I was one of the 15 winners. Of course, I immediately e-mailed them to inform about my details. Yeee!!!!

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  1. That's so exciting! YAY!!!

    And this colour looks fab on you!

  2. Congrats, sis! Anyway as for your Q regarding the white polish, Bobbie's is really good. I've had that polish for quite sometime now and it's still good. :) BTW, I love the color. :)


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