Friday, November 1, 2013

Recapping a Very Busy Week

The last week of October was so busy, I only had little time to do some things, but I am grateful for it more than anything. This is going to be a lengthy post, so let the recapping begin:

Umbuyan Ticket, Please!
J. Co Donuts and Coffee With Panda Bear

26 October 2013

Us three girls traveled to Makati City early morning today - mom and I attended the "Breaking Bread with Our Heroes" cooking demo / class at The Maya Kitchen, while sister went on her way at the Salcedo Weekend Market and Ayala Triangles to walk and jog around. I always receive an invitation for the monthly featured class at The Maya Kitchen, and when I introduced my mom to the person who always invite me, she told mom she has to come with me every month. Mom liked the idea and I think she will be my constant classmate every month.

Sister met us after the class and we went to SM Mall of Asia to purchase our airline tickets. There was a big difference with the price we saw online and the price the airline staff told us, so we didn't buy it. Instead, we just roamed around the mall - had snacks at J.Co Donuts and Coffee, and rode the MOA Eye. At J.Co Donuts, I chose to eat their newest flavor - the Cheese Cakelicious, mom went for Avocado DiCaprio (we always order this whenever we eat there), and sister chose the Tiramisu when her favorite wasn't available yet. When the drinks we ordered were served (sister went for the Matcha, mom and I shared the JCoccino), sister saw her favorite donut (Green Tease) was already available and ordered one as well.

Roaming the grounds of the mall, we saw this big McDonald's Happy Meal Box, with sides like a blank canvass for people to paint whatever they want to. Mom and I took turns, and I heard someone shouted my name. To my surprise, it was my online friend - the Panda Bear. He and I have been online friends for years now, even if it was seldom for us to exchange text messages. There were a few instances that we wanted to meet for some snacks (and I hoped to visit their place during the fiesta), but nothing pushed through. It's good to finally see an online friend in person.

Booked for Cagayan de Oro

27 October 2013

As brother's wedding day comes closer and closer... the more we are stressed about the airline tickets. We all know that an airline fare gets more and more expensive as the date of the flight comes near, so we truly had to purchase our tickets now. Yesterday, we were at the Air Asia Zest office, because they had the cheapest fare going to Cagayan de Oro, the staff told us that the fare was at 2,800 pesos each way and that was the promo fare, check-in luggage not included. It surprised us because a few days ago, the amount was only about 1,700 pesos each way (that was the reason why we didn't buy tickets at the office).

I messaged my brother and we thought of booking the flight at Cebu Pacific, but even if their base fare was cheaper, the total amount was still more expensive. Turns out, the 2,800 pesos projected on the Air Asia Zest website was all-in, with included 20 kilograms check-in luggage. In the end, we chose to book at Air Asia Zest, and the fare was lowered because we didn't opt for the travel insurance and we downgraded the luggage allowance at 15 kilograms per passenger.

One thing to be grateful for - our next door neighbor allowing us to use her credit card to purchase the tickets, so we didn't have to scramble to the nearest LBC office to pay for it.

Morning Walk with Mom 2013 Barangay Elections

28 October 2013

Mom and I went out to walk and jog. My mom is 64 years old, but she's kind of a showoff that she didn't want to stop to take a breather after jogging around the plaza and hopping on the stairs. I told her to rest once in a while, but she wanted to show the people around that she can still do things at her age. Oh well...

After an hour, we went home, ate breakfast and went to the polling precinct to cast our votes for the Barangay Elections. Her being a Senior Citizen, she can immediately proceed to the polling place bypassing all the people lining up, and of course I went with her, because last May during the National Elections, some senior citizens and people with disabilities were allowed to let their companion vote with them. When we got there, the watcher asked me to line along with the rest because the line we first went to was strictly for senior citizens and persons with disabilities, and I could only watch my mom from afar. I told him, what happens after she vote - let her walk home alone, or let her wait for me until I finish casting my vote? Good thing, another watcher heard us and told the man that it was written that SCs and PWDs are allowed to have one companion. Anyway, we were done in under 30 minutes, and we treated ourselves for a good 20 minutes walk back home.

Food Tasting at Fish & Co. SM Mall of Asia Dinner with Sister Books Bought Online

29 October 2013

I went to SM Mall of Asia for a food tasting activity at Fish & Co., featuring their new dishes. So many dishes tried, but each plate of food were shared by four people, so it was just fine. After, I went to meet with my sister and we had an early dinner at Figaro (my treat).

When we got home, there was a package waiting for me, which contains the books I ordered from another Instagram seller. Buying the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" completes my Harry Potter UK version collection. Yihee!!!


30 October 2013

Quite a laid back day for us, but of course, mom and I went on another morning walk and jog.

Thor Burger Choco Caramel Cake
Nail Polish Haul Blood Splattered Nail Art

31 October 2013

Sister's duty at work was until later at night, so today, us three girls went to Novaliches to find a dress mom will wear for brother's wedding. It is true that Baclaran and Divisoria are two places where one can buy cheap items, but a few years ago, my mom got to buy a formal outfit for another wedding at Novaliches for a very reasonable price. Baclaran and Divisoria are way too far from our place - stressful to go there as well - so we checked back at Novaliches, and she was able to find a dress for a great amount. We were also lucky to see a Merced Bakeshop branch where we bought our favorite Pineapple Pie and a few baked goodies.

Lunch, we ate at Jollibee where the girls tried their newest offering - the Thor Burger, which is actually the champ size of the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom burger. I had my usual choice (Chickejoy + Spaghetti), but I did try another new from Jollibee - the Kisses Mix-In sundae.

It was still early, so we went to SM Fairview to pay our bills and we bought mom a new stove because our current stove is on its verge of retirement.  One regret I had today was buying nail polishes... because I didn't know I had the chance to check Booksale, and I got to see awesome titles, but couldn't buy it anymore because the money I brought wasn't enough already. I just hope the books would still be there when I go back.

Anyway, as soon as we got home, I cooked our dinner and painted my nails. I sported the blood splattered nail art for this Halloween and I love it!

Biggest crappie this week was not traveling to La Union to light on dad's grave this Undas (All Saints / All Souls Day). With my sister's shift at work, and the news going around about houses being robbed because most are away visiting their dead loved ones), I just couldn't risk letting mom home alone during the night. We did message Aunt Julie to tell we won't be there, and she understood our situation. We will just travel there next year.

I am starting to feel better now - less dizziness and no more headaches, but I still am not eating pork.

* Jenn *

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