Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time For a Cool Change

When my sister woke up around lunch time (she's on graveyard shift), she made a sweet, childish request to accompany her at the mall because she has to send a payment to the watch she bought online. This prompted mom to want to come with us, so aside from doing her bank errand, mom and I did our own errands as well - pay bills, buy gift for mom's friend, and buy a closet door handle.

McSpicy and McFloat
my sister ordered the sundae, btw.

Sister didn't want to travel back home only to travel back going to work, and since it was still early - just 3pm, we went to McDonald's for some snacks. I went to try their newest sandwich - the McSpicy, sister ordered the Big & Tasty burger, while we chose the Fillet o'Fish for mom. Mickey Ds currently promote the Smurfs 2 movie, and they have some Smurf related food items, which we ordered as well. My McFloat was upsized - there was a confusion, my sister upsized her Coke but we ended up getting regular sized Coke and large McFloat - but we decided not to bother with it anymore.

When someone walked near us carrying a box of J.Co Donuts, sister asked mom if she wanted to taste it. Mom didn't like Krispy Kreme when we bought some for her, so even if sister and I love J. Co Donuts, we couldn't buy in bulk.

J.Co Donuts
i don't eat avocado, but this avocado dicaprio was surprisingly delish!
We decided to go for a donut each. Sister had her favorite Green Tease (green with floral swirls), I went for the Avocado DiCaprio (green with chocolate shavings), and we chose the Hi Lychee for mom, just to complete the green donut motif. We were so pleased when mom expressed how delicious the donuts were... so in the future, sister is thinking of buying the dozen box.

Obviously, mom and I didn't eat dinner anymore because we ate way too much already. While eating the donuts, us three girls made a pact to regulate our food intake starting tomorrow. I am very happy that we all see eye to eye this time - sister and I need to lose weight for a wedding come December and mom has to regulate her diet  as well, so with all of us having the same missions and goals, losing weight this time would be much easier.

I am going to plan the meals, measure the meals, and we will also exercise together, although sister would only join me in doing Hip Hop Abs cardio before she sleep. I don't know if mom would join us, but I am quite certain she will.

I am very much active on Instagram, and it's so amazing that some of the people I follow post things about juicing. I really want to incorporate juicing into my diet, but I don't know any combinations, so now that I know some, I am only hoping finding the ingredients would be easy. We don't have a juicer, but we do have a blender... I think it will do for now.

Expect me to be active in blogging here again starting tomorrow. A cool change is coming.

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