Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Made Me Happy The Past Week

I don't get to update my blogs that much, but I am re-learning how to properly multitask, especially now that I am going back to my fitness routine come August.

Last week, I...

...had a hair cut after one and a half years. Not having good hair makes me not mind my hair that much. I do shampoo it, of course, but treatments and salon visits aren't my cup of tea. After a year and a half since my last haircut, I noticed split, dry, and coarse ends, and the better way to handle it is to cut it. I was a little upset that the hairdresser just cut my hair straight and blow dried it (I should've just asked my mom to do it), but I am happy to have it cut. I am thinking of having my hair treated soon, but maybe after we got home from Boracay.

...arranged the Boracay trip. When siblings and I attended the Enjoy Philippines mid-year party, sister and I won a GC each for a Boracay accommodations. Her GC will expire by the end of October, and because we will be traveling to La Union that time, we had to find a time before October to use it. She found an open time next month, and because it is a long weekend and that several people also won the same GCs and might use it at the same time, we had to reserve the rooms as early as now. I was able to reserve the rooms and was able to book our flights, but I stumbled a stupid mistake when I booked the flight. With several airlines to choose from and with a few attempts to book a flight, I got a little confused and entered my name instead of my mom's, so when I received the e-mail confirming our flight, I was shocked to see two passengers named Jennifer. I booked the flight at 9pm, and was thankful that the airlines' hotline was open 'til 10pm. I immediately brought up my concern, got scolded (a little) by the airline staff, but she corrected the mistake without any fee. What a sigh of relief! Boracay, here we come!

...I got to spend a day of coffee goodness with blogger friends! Last Saturday, I was invited to a Green Bean Organic Coffee tour, visiting their branches around the Metro. On our last stop, we were given a chance to taste the Civet Coffee, and I loved it! Not only that, we were also treated to an awesome lunch at dinner... and we all went home with fuller than full tummies!

Since I took a break from diet and exercise before my holiday with K, I have had so many food trips, and since my mom has already retired from work, being with her all day has prevented me from skipping meals. I didn't step on the scales since my break, and this morning, I was prepared to be shocked over the weight gain... but there must be some kind of a miracle - my weight is still the same. I am very grateful to know that!

My brother left for Cagayan de Oro yesterday. He is now going to live there, so I now sleep in his room, clearing the living room of my mattress. I am sad that he is far from us now... but I am happy for him, wanting to take his relationship with his girlfriend to a deeper level. We are a family of hearty eaters, but I think my brother's the one with the biggest appetite among us, and now that is away, his absence would give a chance for the girls and I to regulate our food intake. "Dieting" will be easier for me now... and I am excited to go back on track again.

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