Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Bucket List #34 - Eat at an Authentic Indian Restaurant

I have always been fascinated with anything India to the point that I even used the handle "janujennifer" because an online buddy I met nearly a decade ago told me that "janu" meant "dearest." I know it is very impossible for me to travel to India, so on my Bucket List, I have two Indian-related things I want to do before I die - wear a green sari and eat at an authentic Indian restaurant here in the Philippines.

Prior to my holiday with K, a local magazine TV show listed the top 10 food places to try in Boracay, and one of those was True Food Indian Cuisine. The head chef of this restaurant is Indian, making it an authentic Indian restaurant.

True Food Indian Cuisine - Boracay

Second night in Boracay, K and I decided to walk along the shores to find a place where to eat dinner. I didn't know exactly where this restaurant is located, but it was such a great surprise when we passed by it, and checking the menu, we decided to eat there.

True Food Indian Cuisine - Boracay
me at the second floor

The restaurant has two floors, but we decided to eat at the ground floor so we could see people walking by. The menu is quite extensive, and being an Indian food virgin, I felt lost checking the menu. I had so many questions because I didn't want to end up with a very spicy dish to eat. Yes, I do like spicy food, but not in a big way. I still prefer just having a little kick of the spice, the kind that doesn't burn the mouth.

True Food Indian Cuisine - Boracay

I ended up choosing the Northern Style Non-Vegetarian Thali, which looks like a sampler set with different dishes. The bowl with the finger chili had lamb cubes, while the other two were purely vegetables.

Everything tasted good, but my favorite would have to be the bowl with cabbages. It was foodgasmic! The dessert was super delicious, too... but because this was a very big serving and meant to be shared, I only got to eat 1/3 of it. This was also the most expensive food I ate - this alone was 790 pesos. Whoa.

But of course... K was happy that thru our holiday I was able to have my first taste of "true" Indian food. Eat at an authentic Indian restaurant? A check on my Bucket List.

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