Monday, July 15, 2013

My First Franken Nail Polish

Making my own nail polish didn't really cross my mind. I do admire people who can come up with good colors out of mixing different nail polishes, but because I know my collection isn't that big, I didn't realize I can actually make my own nail polish.

I don't own a bottle of solvent or nail polish thinner, so over time, the nail polish in my collection gets thick or dries up. I was tidying my nail polish tray one time when I noticed a few bottles having only about 1/8 the amount of nail polish. Naturally, these bottles have very thick nail polish already, and I was thinking of throwing them away, but watching "The Hunger Games" on DVD a few days before gave me an idea.

My First Franken Nail Polish
My First Franken Nail Polish

If you have watched the movie, for sure you admired Effie Trinket's nail art when she drew the names of the tributes from the fish bowl. I don't own a bottle of nail polish close to the hue as her base nail polish, so having bottles of pink and purple nail polishes gave me an idea.

This franken nail polish was a product of four nail polishes - "Nirvana" by Rain, "PK009," "PP905," and "PP903" by Etude House and "Regie Rose" by Sweet Cherry. I used the bottle of PP905 because it had the least amount of nail polish left, and one by one, I poured little amounts of the other nail polishes until I get the hue I wanted. If you ask me, I wanted it to be more red than purple, but I guess I poured a lot of "Nirvana" that's why it's more purple than red. Because the nail polishes were thick already, I used a bottle of colorless nail polish to help with the consistency. The end product was thick, but it was very easy to apply - one thick coat was all I needed to have these on my nails.

I still don't know if I can come up with another franken nail polish, but who knows? Another clean up time might allow me to mix nail polishes again.

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  1. It's so pretty, I like how it turned out! I love anything with a gold shimmer.


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