Monday, July 15, 2013

Holiday with K, Week 3

Last post about the holiday recap.

Trolley Ride

Day 15, 29 June 2013
With a typhoon entering the country, K and I couldn't make specific plans. We both wanted to travel to Bataan and I want us to visit the house (turned museum) of Emilio Aguinaldo in Cavite, but because both of us weren't sure when the rain would fall, we decided to just cancel all plans. The day didn't go to waste, though... because today we went to do something K wanted to do since his last visit - ride the PNR train. It would be our first time to ride the PNR train, and even if the train was packed with people, it was a fun ride. As a side trip, we took the trolley from one station to another - something I wanted him to experience. The rain poured about 10 minutes before reaching the station, so as soon as we arrived, we quickly hailed a taxi so we could eat lunch. One sad note, though... we received a text message from Sun Cruises saying our Corregidor trip scheduled the next day will be cancelled because of the typhoon. Oh man!

National Museum

Day 16, 30 June 2013
Both of us got up late because we didn't know what else to do for this day, with our Corregidor trip cancelled. I still wanted us to go to Cavite, but before I got to tell him my suggestion, he told me he was browsing thru Trip Advisor, and one of his peers there suggested we go to the National Museum, and that's where we went. After roaming around, we went to Robinson's Manila to watch a little bit of badminton, then we ate dinner at Tempura before walking back home (to the hotel).

Baluarte de San Diego

Day 17, 01 July 2013
This has been K's fourth visit to the Philippines, and in all visits, he has checked several places in Manila City, so for today, I just didn't know where else to take him. Good thing I remembered the Baluarte de San Diego, and even if it was just a short visit, I think it had been good. After this, we walked towards Ristorante delle Mitre to eat late lunch then walked towards Rizal Park just to unwind. However, it rained again, making us go home early again.

Heart Shaped Cloud

Day 18, 02 July 2013
Another late waking up time for us, and I thought we would just stay indoors because we had to check out by lunch time. By 10am, he asked if we could walk towards the boulevard, and there we just had a heart to heart talk. We poured our concerns - mainly asking for apologies for each of our shortcomings - but of course, despite the low points of this holiday, it had been wonderful. At our best, I think we cared for each other and I guess that mattered most.

After eating lunch, we parted ways. He went straight to the airport, while I went straight home. I was already home when he sent me a text message saying he was already going to the immigration office, meaning he won't be able to message me after that one. After 24 or so hours, I received an e-mail from him saying he got home safe.

I still don't know if he would have the chance to travel back to the Philippines, but of course part of me is hoping for that. K had been one of the best people I have met, and should he travel back here, I'd make sure we visit the places we weren't able to.


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