Friday, July 12, 2013

Holiday with K, Week 1

We finally have a router here at home, but I find it difficult to blog because one of the shift keys in my netbook is not working, and I always end up getting so disappointed and pissed. However, I know the stories I need to blog is piling as days pass, so here I am, recapping my holiday with K.

Fernandina Garden Suites Hotel

Day 1 - 15 June 2013
K was flying to the Philippines from Malaysia at 1am, so he already booked this day at the Fernandina Garden Suites knowing check-in time is always at 2pm. Just like what we talked about, I went to the hotel that afternoon so he could just meet me there the next morning. It was quite sad to be alone, but watching a whole lot of cable TV helped.

QC Memorial Circle

Day 2 - 16 June 2013
I had quite a restless sleep, waking up every now and then. I asked K to send me a text message as soon as the plane landed, and knowing his flight would arrive at 4am, I started feeling a bit uneasy when it was already 5am and he still hasn't texted me. He did after a few hours, and he arrived at the hotel within the next hour. It felt so great seeing him again after two and a half years, and after settling in and eating our breakfast, I let him rest for a while. By 11am, we decided to go out - and the very first thing we did was go to the Cebu Pacific office to book our flights. We ate lunch after.

One of the places he wasn't able to see the last time he was here was the Quezon Memorial Circle, so that was where I took him. However, rain poured really hard, and that we had to take shelter at the Quezon City Hall first. Thankfully, the rain stopped for a while, allowing us to continue, but right after we checked the museum and a little of the flower garden, the rain started pouring again. We had no choice then but to go back to the hotel.

Day 3 - 17 June 2013
I just found out that K has been traveling for the past three weeks, so the stress of it all was finally catching up to him. For today, I planned for us to go to Bataan, but the threat of rains pouring made us cancel that. I then thought of taking him to Manila and take the train and the trolley ride, but while in Cubao, he started feeling tired that we decided to just travel back to the hotel. He spent the entire afternoon sleeping, while I took the time to scribble some notes and catch up with my reading.

Manila - Iloilo Flight
La Paz Church

Day 4 - 18 June 2013
We left the hotel at 9am even if our flight to Iloilo was scheduled at 1:30pm. While traveling to the airport, the taxi driver turned up the volume of the news program he was listening to and asked us to listen to the report. There were some Cebu Pacific flights being cancelled today, but didn't mention our flight, so we were quite relieved about it. However, about 10:30am, I received a text message from Cebu Pacific saying our flight has been cancelled. We were already at the airport, so I immediately approached the staff to explain things. They let us board the earlier flight, making us happy to be arriving in Iloilo earlier than expected. It was a very wobbly ride. With clouds covering the sky, turbulence was the worst I have experienced and it scared the heck of me when the plane dropped a little (making me feel a little queasy). Thankfully, we landed safe, but I was crying the entire last half of the flight because seeing just white clouds gave me a feeling of uncertainty that even if K was holding my hand, I wasn't able to stop my eyes from crying.

K booked a room at Urban Inn - the hotel where we stayed at during our last holiday. Having the exact same room felt great, but I was still shaken up, that when K asked me if I wanted to do something, I told him I wanted to visit the church - the Nuestra Senora dela Paz y Buenviaje church to say a prayer of gratitude.

Island Hopping

Day 5 - 19 June 2013
We crossed over to Guimaras the next morning. Just like we planned, we booked a room at Raymen Resort and come afternoon, we went on an island hopping trip. Getting to the first location was scary because the boat was going against the current and our boat just kept hopping and hopping. Well, part of me was scared, but none of the boatmen gave us life vests, none of them showed any negative emotions, so that helped me feel better. I told myself, the plane ride was such an adventure, might as well enjoy this one. The word, I believe was "trust." Once I established that, all the worries just left me. We planned to go three hours of island hopping, but it started raining again, so the trip was cut an hour short. It was just fine, because the two hours were so fun!

Guisi Lighthouse

Day 6 - 20 June 2013
Today, we took a road trip around Guimaras, another fun adventure we had. I got to climb atop an old lighthouse and we took the zipline. It was my first time to do the zipline... and it was so awesome!

Mangrove Forest

Day 7 - 21 June 2013
It was our last full day in Guimaras, and we took the time checking the nearby eco-park. Both of us were amazed at how great this day turned out to be, but it was also this day when a problem hit us - K telling his family about his previous trips caused a little panic and there was a threat that this trip might be cut short. Still, K told me that unless the family asked him to "come home, no ifs, no buts... end of..." he won't cut the holiday short.

...week 2 recap continues tomorrow.

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  1. What an adventure! It looks like a really cool place. I'm on vacation, too, but I haven't been able to look at any of my pictures yet.


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