Friday, August 2, 2013

Careline Nail Polish | Copper Rock

It was October of 2012 when I started really falling in love with nail polishes, and as much as I love checking international nail polish blogs, I took my time finding different local nail polish blogs, because I know buying the nail polishes they use would be much easier for me, as I know I truly cannot afford to buy international brands.

One of the first local nail blogs I followed was WoW Nails. Even if she features some international nail polish brands, she still blogs about many different local brands, and through her, I got to learn about Careline Nail Polish. At first I was a little hesitant about it because it only cost p10 (0.25usd) per bottle. Even if I am the thrifty kind of person, I still have qualms about very cheap nail polish. One time, I was traveling home and felt the need to drink water, and when I entered a Mercury Drug branch, I remembered that this pharmacy sells Careline Nail Polish (possibly the only place where you can buy this brand), and decided to buy some.

Careline Nail Polish - Copper Rock
Careline Nail Polish - Copper Rock Careline Nail Polish - Copper Rock

The first one I swatched was Copper Rock. I am very impressed with this brand and this certain shade because it doesn't have the strong nail polish scent, and the consistency is so good, you can go for one coat. It also dries very fast and application was quite easy. The only thing I didn't like was that the brush weren't even - there was a strand or two that is/are longer than the rest, that seemed to affect the application.

For this manicure, I used two coats. I loved the glassy glittery effect of it - but it wasn't really glitter... but flecks, maybe, because the nail polish dried flat and it was easy to remove. It was such a sad thing, though, that the bottle is so small - that the only thing for me to do was to buy more of it... what's more saddening is that, even if Mercury Drug branches still sell this brand, I don't get to see much of it anymore. The only solace I have is that I bought about 5 different shades, so I still have a few more to swatch and share here on the blog.

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