Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hanson Happiness!

If you recall last May, us friends made a collective order for some Hanson merchandise. The band recently made their newest studio album "Anthem" available for pre-order, and because it is very possible that the CD won't be released here in the Philippines, the only way we could get ahold of it was to order directly to the hanson website.

The package arrived mid-June. Technically, we were one of the fans who had the CD before it was released to the market. However, because it was a group order and that we had to settle the shipping bill at Johnny Air Cargo, finding a day for all of us to be available was the most difficult thing to settle. Actually, we were supposed to meet two Sundays ago, but it was cancelled because a few of us had last minute plans.


We were supposed to meet on the 28th, but with so many fans posting about all things Anthem, Anne's sister Jo decided we should meet so we could start enjoying our items. Not all of us were there, but the people who couldn't come just sent their share of the shipping fee so we could collect the package.

IMG_20130721_151658 IMG_20130721_151720
IMG_20130721_151822 IMG_20130721_151955

Our order was over $300, so like the previous group order they had last year, there was a freebie. Taking aside all the items ordered, the freebie turned out to be the Shout it Out fabric bag. Inside the box were six Anthem deluxe packages, two Anthem silver packages, a Macbook sticker, clothespins... and the Hansonopoly board game, something that made me drool because I also want to have one, but it was expensive. I'd rather save up for the 5 of 5 DVD set.


I ordered for the Anthem deluxe package worth $25. It includes the Anthem audio CD and the De Constructed Anthem DVD, a video featuring the band performing seven of the thirteen songs from the album. This is the band's 8th studio album, and yes, I do own all. :)


Since there is only one freebie, it was decided to be raffled off. The people who weren't there to collect their items weren't included in the raffle, so only three of us were part of it. From the get go, upon knowing what the freebie was, I told them that I want and I will win it... and the universe aligned to my advantage again because I won! Friends were surprised that I won, but they were more surprised at how lucky I am with raffles, because a year ago, I won a ticket to Hanson's concert.

I am super duper grateful for winning the bag. In a way, it was some sort of a consolation because I didn't win the iPad mini at the Pancake House raffle (that's a different story), but I guess I am not meant to win the gadget because I was meant to win this.

The bag is so precious that I don't know if I am going to use it. Well, it's been raining every now and then, and this being a fabric bag, I think it is much better to keep this and use it on a sunny day.

All images were taken and edited using the Cymera app. It's one of my favorite photography apps!


  1. That's a super bag, and I like your picture too!

  2. Very exciting. It looks like you had fun with all of this.

  3. How fun...I always love getting mail or packages so I can imagine the anticipation of waiting for your order, and then to win the bag (which is lovely). Congratulations. :)Really enjoyed your story and your photo display.

    visiting from Tuesday Muse


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