Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Bucket List | #28 Ride the Zipline

On the first day of this year, I had the chance to ride the zipline, but I didn't go for it, because I felt I still wasn't ready for it and also because I wanted to ride my first zipline out of town. In my mind, I am hoping to do it at the Dahilayan Park in Bukidnon, but fate brought me to a different course.

Camp Alfredo - Guimaras

While doing a land tour around Guimaras last 20 June 2013, our tour guide asked me if we wanted to do target shooting. Asking K about it, he said he didn't know how to shoot and because I still haven't held a gun, that activity was quickly dismissed. The tour guide then asked me if we wanted to visit Camp Alfredo to ride the zipline and K was very much eager to do it. I didn't know then if I was ready, but this holiday has been about adventures and trust... and seeing how excited K was, I knew I had to do it.

Camp Alfredo - Guimaras

The staff had been very patient with me. I wasn't the baby-baby type who whined all the time, but I did have questions and doubts to be satisfied. I asked if the ropes could take my weight... if someone bigger than me took the ride. When my questions were satisfied, I let them do their work.

At the starting point, the staff asked who would go first. K was considerate to say he'd go first so I could have more time to convince myself, but I told them I'd go first, because if I let him go first, I might back out and turn around.

It was scary at first. Seeing how high we were was scary, but learning how to trust the ropes was scarier. Again, I wasn't the baby type who would go and back out... but the staff was very patient. When he told me to just put all my weight on the rope that supports my bum and allowed me to test it (there was still a rope connected to my body and the main line), I was able to exorcise the demons and just when I told him I am ready, that's when he unhooked the rope so I could fly....

My First Zipline

...and fly I did. It was so exhilarating! It was so fun and I just couldn't stop screaming for joy! I wasn't able to take a video or a picture of my ride (my POV) because the tour guide took our cameras so he could just took pictures of us, but I wasn't able to explain to him how to take shot after shot of pictures, so this was the only one he was able to take. :)

My First Zipline

After the first zipline, K and I had to cross two hanging bridges. These bridges were scary to cross because there were planks smaller than our feet so we had to take it one step at a time. The final leg of the course was rappelling, but I just couldn't understand the jist of how it was done and that I fear I might just fall, so when K told me "There's no shame in passing this one, you did great just riding the zipline," I decided not to do the rappelling and just take another short zipline to the finish mark.

It was such an amazing experience. Had I known zipline rides were that fun, I shouldn't have waited this long. Well, now that I know how great it feels, I will ride the zipline every chance I get.

Ride the zipline? A check on My Bucket List.

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