Saturday, July 13, 2013

Holiday with K, Week 2

Continuing with the holiday recap...

Afrique's Iloilo

Day 8, 22 June 2013
We left Guimaras around 11am, and the minute we arrived in Iloilo, we quickly took a jeepney ride to Robinson's Place because K had to purchase a mobile phone so he could phone home. Check in time at the Urban Inn was around 2pm, so we took our time at the mall - eating lunch and walking around. At the Urban Inn, we were given a different room, but it still had the balcony we preferred. K was able to phone home, I was able to read a little... and for dinner we went to Smallville. We originally wanted to get pissed at Rooftop Brewery, but trying to locate it was such a hassle, until one person told us it has been closed for about a month. So much for foreign beer brands for me... but we were able to eat at Afrique's, a restaurant where we ate at during our last holiday.


Day 9, 23 June 2013
This had been the darkest day of the entire holiday. I don't want to go through the details, but today we were just apart. Must be the full moon? I don't know.

First Time in Boracay

Day 10, 24 June 2013
The morning was rough. I have said something to K that made him flip, but the good thing about the two of us is that we can voice our concerns and talk about it. We left Iloilo with renewed spirits and traveled to Boracay via bus. It was a long, long, bus ride... and we were just tired. At the end of the day, we still couldn't connect well, but I know we will turn it around.

Boracay Sunset

Day 11, 25 June 2013
Staying in the island for the entire day helped with our connection. We practically stayed by the beach in the morning and again in the afternoon. We also took the dip to enjoy the waters of the beach - a truly refreshing thing to do. It had been a great day today - giving us the most amazing sunset I have seen. This picture is pretty, yes... but this image didn't actually captured the entire magical moment. On this day, I have come to understand why this beach has been named one of the best... it is also the best beach I have visited.

Willy's rock

Day 12, 26 June 2013
Another beach bumming day for us... but we explored more of the island - walking towards the post office so K could mail his postcard as well as visiting the church. Before eating lunch, we took the time to enjoy the water again, and in the afternoon, we checked the other beach - where most water sports activities were done. We also got to check out a bookstore where we got to buy two books, and even if today's sunset wasn't as beautiful as yesterday, it was awesome as well.

Caticlan - Manila Flight

Day 13, 27 June 2013
Time to fly back to Manila. We arrived at the airport early again, and once more we were asked to board the earlier flight. The weather was great, but because the plane was small, it was uncomfortable for me. There were only about 20 passengers in the plane, so K sat on another seat so he could take pictures from the window. A few minutes before touch down, K moved back next to me... because he knew how I hated landings. He was there to hold my hand, and for that I am so grateful. We stayed at JMM Apartment Suites located at the Birch Tower, but because it was mid afternoon when we arrived and we weren't able to eat lunch, so we ate first and just stayed indoors.

The Mind Museum

Day 14, 28 June 2013
We wanted to go to Corregidor, so first thing we did today was book a Corregidor Tour via Sun Cruises. After eating lunch, we went to The Mind Museum at the Bonifacio Global City, where we had loads of fun. It was like being children again!

... to be continued tomorrow.

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