Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

Nearly a month of no updates here on my blog... so awful.

Well, I was really excited to get back on the course to losing weight, but my body started getting sick, for reasons I couldn't comprehend. For a while I feared I may be having diabetes because I started feeling sleepy all the time and my throat would feel dry every so often. I don't drink a lot - just a few gulps of water, but I would always walk to the kitchen to drink something because of this. My fear just eased up when my would healed so quick (our aluminum screen door bounced back and scraped my Achilles' heel). Still, the sleepy feeling and the back pains persisted.

I guess I was feeling the side effects of gaining weight.

Two Saturdays ago started a string of annoying sickness, though.

I woke up at 3am so I can travel with my sister to Makati City - I had a culinary class at 9am and me being so dumb at geography decided to travel with my sister because the building where my class will be is just walking distance from her workplace. I took a shower right after waking up and since we don't have that "hot and cold" shower, water was just freezing cold. Due to the short time to prepare we weren't able to drink coffee before leaving the house, but we did get to eat a piece of bread. It caused my tummy to become sour and halfway through our journey, I threw up. That caused me to throw up whatever food I ate since then, but not all the time. At times, even if my body wants to throw up, I'd try my best not to.

Last week, I had my monthly period, adding more discomfort, as I would have LBM every time my period, and I also felt dizziness most of the time.

This week, I had the flu. It started with joint pains, then phlegm buildup, and I still battled with the body hoping to throw up whatever food I ate. The worst day would be Tuesday - I was basically just in the bed. It gave me the time to catch up on my book reading (I am currently reading "London Bridges" by James Patterson), but I wasn't really able to eat well that day. Wednesday, I felt a little better, but still wasn't able to eat much. Thursday I felt more better, but eating pattern was still upsetting - eating breakfast at 10am, lunch at 3pm (I had three pancakes) and just three butter cookies for dinner at 8pm. For the first time, I lost appetite while sick, and it was quite scary.

Two Saturdays ago, I gained a pound - was at 211, the week after I was 210. It stayed that way until Wednesday when I realized I lost two pounds (208), and today, I lost another pound. Losing 3lbs in 5 days could be a reason to "celebrate," but I know once my appetite comes back, so will the weight I lost.

Today, as you might already know, I felt incredibly good. I didn't throw up and I had full meals, though I didn't get to eat breakfast. I still am fighting the phlegm, but I think as long as I hydrate myself well, I will be okay.

Tomorrow, I hope to get up early and walk. Just walk... I really miss walking outside in the morning - uploading pictures from Colinas Verdes a year ago made me miss the place.

Hopefully next week, I can just do something about my fitness as I will be traveling to La Union on the 25th and will stay there for 10 days, not giving me enough time to exercise.

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