Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tony Moly Nail Polish | RE01

Been a long time since I last shared a nail polish related post; well, I did trim my nails real short so it took time before they grew back into the shape I prefer, hence the break. Sister and I aren't buying new bottles, though... we still have a few to share before we buy new ones (as the ones we buy tend to thicken or dry quick), or maybe try to combine the ones we have here.

For now I am sharing this nail polish by Tony Moly. It was June when we bought this... it was our first time to purchase something from Tony Moly and the staff told us that if we purchase p500 worth, we can have the membership card for free. At that time I only wanted to buy the lotion at p280, the rest, sister covered, and she bought this bottle of nail polish.

Tony Moly Nail Polish - RE01Tony Moly Nail Polish - RE01 Tony Moly Nail Polish - RE01

I really love this Tony Moly nail polish. It has a nice consistency, making it very easy to apply, and the brush was big enough to cover my nails in just two strokes. The color is just so amazing! Well, one coat is basically fine for this color as it is very visible even with just one coat, but for this I went for two coats, maybe because I am used to do that. :)

It's quite easy to chip off - especially on the sides and the topmost part of the nails, so you better have a great top coat to protect the base nail polish.

Tony Moly Nail Polish - RE01

Well of course, I did apply some on my toes, too!

It's October now, means it's more or less 4 months since we bought this nail polish, and its consistency's still the same, even with the hiatus with the manicure, even with the changes in weather. Some of the nail polish in our container I disposed already because it became too thick to use, but this one still's great. Another great reason why I will buy some more Tony Moly nail polish next time.

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