Sunday, October 14, 2012

Motivations / Wake Up Calls

Sadly, I wasn't able to do my morning walk this weekend because my dry cough was so bad it kept me awake almost all night. I think it was already past 3am when I finally got to rest (I remember brother waking sister up so she could prepare for work) and it was 9am when I woke up. I hope to be better really soon as I can't go on waking up at 9am because it ruins the eating patterns - me not eating breakfast or if I do eat breakfast, I'd eat late lunch then late dinner (or skip dinner). I really have to re-train myself to sleep before midnight, get up at 5am and start walking by 5:30am.

with Georgina Wilson

One great thing about my weekend though was this meet and greet event with Georgina Wilson, the celebrity endorser for Garnier. As far as I am concerned, I am not a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger (yet), but receiving an invitation to this event was something I was excited and thankful about. My cousin (who is also a blogger) advised me to wear something girly, and to my horror, I realized I don't really own girly outfits - most were super casual blouses and blouses mommies wear! OMG! Well, I have been overweight since I could remember, and because money was tight for us in the family, wearing "semi-formal" outfits meant me borrowing mom's clothes - so growing up I was already used to the mature fashion. Anyway, it was certainly an eye-opener, when I get the chance to shop for clothes, I'd start investing on girly outfits.

Speaking of eye-openers... I just felt so stuck in the moment. A lot of my blogger friends were into their road to fitness, my friend DeeJay just joined a fun run, my friend Kutchie is losing more weight... and I am still here, still 200+lbs., still stuck. I do hate the feeling, but I only have myself to blame.

Well, eleven more days before I travel to La Union, so I will make use of those days to warm myself up for more intense weight loss program come next year. Yeah, I know this might sound another blah blah, but really, I will focus on losing the weight this time because I owe myself this much. Lately, I have been feeling ashamed of taking / posting recent pictures of myself as I have this feeling that if I continued losing weight and lost an average of 5lbs per month since February, I should be at 161lbs now and just counting the pounds away 'til I reach my goal weight of 150lbs. Wasted time, indeed. Hep, hep! All is not lost - I can still turn it around and strive 'til I reach my goal weight.

Motivations... right now I have two big motivations to lose weight. Two of my cousins are scheduled to get married next year - one in January, one in February. Well, I wouldn't play any role in the entourage, but I do want to wear a dress without any hesitations, and I really hope to lose 10 -15lbs by the time of the first wedding. It wouldn't be much, but any weight loss will be a great help.

Right now I am just thinking what Mr. Pipoy used to tell me last year: "It's all about you." Yes, the people around me whom I can see as a great motivation - of course I do want to experience a fun run, too - but ultimately, it's all me. The power to lose weight lies in me, and I don't want to be stuck anymore.

Me at 196lbs (Jan 2012)

This is me in January 2012 at 196lbs. The time I took this picture, I already planned to use this cover up blouse for the Surf Break in La Union happening later this October, but because I gained weight, I can't use it anymore. I sure hope to be back to this weight and size by end of November or by Christmas.

I will.

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  1. I'm with you. Let's challenge ourselves to do better Jen. It will work wonders for us. :-)


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