Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Garnier Meet & Greet with Georgina Wilson

Discussing about beauty isn't my forte. For almost all my life, I don't really give the beauty aspect that much notice - I usually go out just wearing loose powder + blusher + lipstick, but I know, as a woman, I really should embrace that even if I am not beautiful in many people's standards, as a child of God, I, too, am beautiful. Come to think of it, considering myself not-so-pretty means I should give beauty priority, right?

When I embarked on a journey to lose weight, part of the transformation is also take beauty and fashion as a consideration. Slowly, I have started renewing my fashion sense (it's a slow phase though) and now, I have started including beauty - using different products, which I will get to share here on the blog soon.

Garnier Meet and Greet

Last Sunday, a mall near our place - SM City Fairview - hosted an event together with Watson's. It's a meet and greet event with Garnier's newest brand ambassador, Georgina Wilson, one of show business most beautiful woman. I personally haven't used any Garnier products yet, but I still went to the event, as I do know that I have to start with somewhere. I got there quite early - hence the empty area - but later that afternoon, the place was jampacked with people wanting to see the beauteous Georgina Wilson.

Garnier Pure Active

Everyone's invited to the event, but in order to have a picture taken with Georgina, one must present a receipt for a Garnier Pure Active toner. From what I learned, Garnier Pure Active offers visible results to the six common skin problems - pimples, whiteheads, oiliness, enlarged pores, impurities, and uneveness. Well, my facial skin doesn't have much problems with pimples, but I do have enlarged pores and oily skin. Is this product for me? Hmmm... I don't think so, because Garnier has a different line of product - Garnier Light - which has pure lemon essence that helps slow down skin darkening. Well, not really taking care of my skin made it darker and darker (especially during travels), so this one I sure will use.

Garnier Meet and Greet

While waiting for Georgina to arrive, there was a short program where audience participated. Winners were rewarded with Garnier Light products... something that made me regret a little - I should have joined! Hahaha. Well, it's okay, watching the program was enough for me. Hosts and participants also exchanged skin care discussions, and boy I did learn a lot!

Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson Georgina Wilson Georgina Wilson

The much awaited star of the day arrived - and she was indeed so pretty! I have always regard her as someone of high social status, but even if she is, she was so friendly, down-to-earth and level headed individual. She encouraged people to join in the discussion - and some members of the audience did ask several question about skin care.

What I learned:
  • Don't sleep with your make up on.
  • Eat healthy food, and try to avoid or minimize eating oily food.
  • Don't drink and/or smoke too much.
  • Have enough sleep.
  • As Asians, we should use products specifically made and tested on Asian skin.

I was blessed to have a picture taken with her - it just felt so great to be "rubbing elbows" with someone I just saw on television prior to this event.

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