Monday, October 8, 2012

Chat Chat 2-Way Bag

Last Monday, I shared a picture of my outfit and one of the things I "wore" was the Chat Chat Bag. I knew I still haven't shared about that bag, so for today, let me talk about that bag.

I have to say it was I who started the Online Shopping thingy here in the house. I used to try to go online to check newest uploads, and although I don't buy on a regular basis, checking the new uploads can be exciting, and this excitement I got to pass to my sister. She doesn't have that much contacts on Facebook as I do (in terms of online sellers), but she really has all the time to check uploads from different sellers.

 {picture from GVM Stuffs, where I purchased the bag}

My preferences in bag nowadays are the two-way bags, which I can use a shoulder/hand bag or a sling bag. Now that sis and I have taken the liking of buying surplus goods, finding a bag like this can be difficult as there were few and because there are so many shoppers, fighting for a certain bag was really a test of good timing, and good Internet connection.

The bag above was something sister saw at an online shop. She knew I'd like it, and of course I did. Price for this was p580, but sister asked for its last price and was given to us at p550. What really impressed us was the very fast delivery... just 24 hours of posting payment, we already got the bag. :)

Chat Chat Bronze 2 - Way Bag

I was surprised at how big it actually was; although it wouldn't carry a lot, I can actually fit my umbrella inside it, so I was impressed.

Left Side Right Side

I also like how easy it is to take away the handles.


The pockets at the front is a nice way to store cell phones and smaller items, though it can be risky to do so, so whenever I use the pockets to store something valuable, I see to it that the side with the pockets are facing me just to secure my items especially when I do public commute.


It's length can be a little difficult to manage as the bag tends to fold when it doesn't have that much items inside, but with the items I normally bring, I (still) never had that much difficulty using it.

I am not a hardcore bagaholic, but I still am looking forward to buy more 2-way bags, and hopefully next time I can spot a yellow one!

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