Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Travelogue | Amana Water Park

The family moved in the neighborhood three or four years before I was born, and we are still living in the same neighborhood as of this writing. Over the course of 20+ years, we have developed strong ties with our neighbors and have treated each other as if we are part of one big, happy family.

March 2007, we lost the head of the family. It was such a devastating loss, that our next door neighbor (who are our very first friends here in the neighborhood as they have been living in the neighborhood before we moved in) thought it would be nice for us to have a summer getaway, just to ease the pain a little. It then became a yearly tradition.

I am not a big traveler like my sister is, and I didn't have much pictures from places I've been to, so for today, I will be sharing pictures from 2009 neighbors' summer outing.

For that year, mom suggested a different resort, but we all decided to come to Amana Water Park (Pandi, Bulacan), because it was nearer. Well, both resorts were fairly new at that time, so we didn't know what to expect... but by the time we arrived, we knew we would love it.

Their main pool is the main attraction as it was a wave pool - meaning the water is programmed to have some waves, simulation the beach / sea feeling. Since this was the main pool and it was one, hot, summer weekend, too many people in the pool come noon time flocked the area that we decided not to stay long.

Their kiddie pool was my favorite, because of the Dragon Ball Z characters. This was taken early in the morning so there weren't much people yet, but just like the main pool, this area had a lot of people come noon time, too.

Like our other summer getaways, we would bring packed lunch good for all of us to share. We brought some fish and brother grilled some porkchops at the area - the resort provides a grill for each cottage.

I personally wasn't feeling great that time so I didn't really take a dip in the pools... what I did was pose for pictures at the many life-size figures of many cartoon characters all over the resort. Aside from these Justice League figures, I posed with Iron Man, Mickey Mouse... even Shrek. :)

It was just a day trip... I didn't feel well, but I was super happy. It was a great celebration of close family ties, friendship, and love.

Thanks to my sister for the pictures on this post.

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  1. great trip! i think, the J is for jenny and jessie? :)


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