Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gradient Nail Art

It was just the other day that I shared a nail polish related post, but here I am posting something about a new manicure again.

It started with this video I saw on YouTube (I searched for "simple nail art") and at first I just watched it for viewing purposes, but while watching the Bourne movies (I got to watch "The Bourne Identity" and "The Bourne Supremacy"), I decided to play on some nail polish and came out with this:

Trying Out the Gradient Technique

Not as pretty as the one on the video tutorial, but for a first-timer I think I did okay. The gradient effect wasn't so visible, maybe because I used the typical sponge - the one we use when cleaning pots and plates. Well, we don't have any make-up or artist's sponge, so I just used the only sponge I could find at home; but do know I used a new sponge and discarded the piece I used. :)

The nail polish I used were:
  • Sassy Colors - Platinum
  • Sassy Colors - Garnet
  • Tony Moly - RE01
  • Chic - Glaze Stardust
For the top coat, I used the one by Chic. I did love this kind of nail art as dabbing nail polish mostly on the tip of the nails sort of strengthened my nails as it was the part with the most lacquer. Two days since I made this nail art and it still hasn't chipped off despite my many house chores.

I am thinking about doing another one of this before I leave for La Union later this month, or maybe I'd try any of the Halloween related nail art to suit the occasion.

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  1. This is really cool. I rarely paint my nails as I find it chips off so easily but I might give this a go.



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