Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Nail Art | Red, Green and Gold

Internet is now okay (thank heavens), so blogging will now resume. :) Like what I said the last time I blogged, I have two more Christmas-related nail art designs - concentrating on red, green, and gold - which I am going to share to you now.

Red, Green, and Gold Nail Art

The idea of this nail art came from a Chevron Nail Art written by my friend Joanna, but instead of using triangles, I used a curvy design. A slightly much difficult process to do as I had to use a bracket-shaped stamp, stamped on pieces of masking tape before cutting and placing it on my nails. What I learned by doing this design is that you have to place all the tapes on your nails before painting the design.

I mainly used Caronia nail polishes for this design - Gold Rush for the base, Kiwi and Simply Red for the added design. for the top coat, I used Colortrends "Gold Glitter." I am not at all raving for the finished design I created, probably because I bought a not-so-good shade of green, but I was quite happy that I tried this one.

Christmas Water Marble Nail Art Christmas Water Marble Nail Art

I still can't get over the water marble technique, so I attempted to do it again. With the many new bottles of nail polish in my collection, I was able to find out that aside from Caronia, there are other local brands of nail polishes that would spread good in the water, which I used for this design.

I first painted my nails white using Sweet Cherry "Snow White." For the swirls, I used Klik "Pussy Red" and "Green Tea" as well as Caress "Wintermelon" for that slightly yellowish tinge. For the top coat, I used Colortrends "Gold Glitter."

I was very happy with how this turned out. I know water marble design would "waste" a lot of nail polishes, so for this, I decided to use a cut up Yakult bottle so the nail polish won't spread too much. I used about six to eight drops of nail polishes (wintermelon - red - wintermelon - green and repeating the sequence), depending on how the polishes would spread. Using toothpick, I just swirled the design until I see something I would like to use. Oh, taping the spaces in the fingers truly helped making clean up easier, but don't tape too close to the nails, so there wouldn't be little gaps on the sides (it really helps that you apply a base nail polish so if there would be gaps, it wouldn't be too noticeable). Others use petroleum jelly instead of tape, but should you tape your fingers, use tweezers to take out the tapes so your other set of nails won't get tainted or damaged by the design clinging on to the tapes.

I could say now that I have "mastered" the technique, though of course I still watch a lot of videos on YouTube to check more designs. Doing nail art can be a little overwhelming; it can be time consuming and might waste a lot of nail polishes (especially if you're a newbie like me), but it can be really rewarding.

Next year, I hope to try more nail art.

Happy holidays!

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