Thursday, December 6, 2012

If the Shoe Fits, Part 1

I am not really much into shoes (unlike Jessie and our mom), but every once in a while, I do check and try on some footwear, even if it's from an Ukay-Ukay (thrift store). I know, some of the shoes for sale were already worn by other people, but some are actually still new. You just have to find the perfect one for you.

I am a size 8 (US, 39 EUR). While that is not so big, I do find it difficult to buy shoes at times. Anyway, I am the certified "kuripot" (thrifty) in the house, so a footwear costing more than a thousand pesos I find very expensive already (well, I stopped buying shoes after college and I usually wear sandals and flip flops that are less than 500 pesos). One time, us three girls went to eat out and saw an Ukay-Ukay store. I suddenly thought I needed some jackets/sweat shirts I could wear while doing my morning walk/jog, and asked them to enter the store, because I know jackets and sweat shirts can cost a lot, and since I am not really that choosy when it comes to many things, I thought buying jackets at a thrift shop wouldn't hurt at all.

I wasn't able to buy jackets because some were too small for me, while the others weren't made of cotton. Fortunately, I didn't leave the store empty handed, as the shop also sells footwear. Ladies' shoes cost 220 pesos, which I think is reasonable because some pairs at a tiangge cost 250 pesos above.

I bought two pairs:

Korean Gladiator SandalsKorean Gladiator Sandals Korean Gladiator Sandals

I don't know the exact brand of this, but the print on the shoe bed is in Korean. It's size 39 and it's still brand new, as the soles are in pristine condition. This would be my first pair of gladiator footwear, and I am glad I got to spot this.

b+ab etaps Sandalsb+ab etaps Sandals b+ab etaps Sandals

This one's by b+ab etaps, and is a size 8. This one isn't brand new, but what made me buy it is because the shoe bed didn't have any foot imprints (the shoe bed has a fabric lining). This one's a little difficult to wear as I always fear I would damage that part near the achilles' heel, but for sure I will try my best to take care of this pair as it's such a cute pair that I can match with any of my clothes.

Of course, provided I bought these at a thrift shop, I did spray some disinfectant before I wore it.

I still am a flip flops kind of girl, but of course, I do need to own some foot wear I can use during special events. Next on my shopping list is a pair of boots and a pair of wedge.

PS - Jessie also bought some shoes that time, but I haven't photographed her wearing the shoes, so I will just ask her to write about it next time.

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