Friday, December 14, 2012

Early Christmas Party for Bloggers at Max's Restaurant and RedBox

I wasn't able to attend last year's Christmas Party organized by Max's Restaurant (which made me feel bad because I was told it was such a fun, fun party), so knowing my shift at work was until 8pm made me sad that I might not be able to attend this year's party (again), but I was glad that I was able to attend even if I was already late.

Bloggers Got Talent 2012

I skipped the dinner served at Max's Restaurant Greenbelt 1 branch and went straight to RedBox in Greebelt 3 for the Videoke Party. I didn't intend to sing, but when I got there, my sister Jenny immediately asked me to think of a song because every blogger present at the party had to sing. I chose to sing "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith, but the only version available was the one by Regine Velasquez, so I just tried if I could sing it. I was able to hit the highest note, but it wasn't enough to make part of the top 3 singers that night.

Sister's Gifts from Max'sSis' Raffle Prize

The night was all about winning. Raffles were drawn every now and then, and I was part of the first group of winners who won GCs for a facial at Let's Face It. Not only that, we were also given a Goodie Box from Max's Corner Bakery, a Journal, and GCs for half-sized Max's Fried Chicken. Lastly, winners for the Videoke Contest were named, and my sister Jenny won 3rd place. She and I were planning to buy a foot soaking machine, so we might use the money she won to buy that. :)

sis, couz and i

It was truly a fun Christmas Party - the first of such I attended. I don't get to attend that much events lately because my shift at work changes every now and then, so I am really thankful that I was able to attend this one. It's awesome to be with blogger friends... and it was really nice to see cousin Marge again, who's about to get married next year. The biggest surprise that night for sister Jenny probably was cousin Marge asking her to sing at her wedding. I am now excited for that. Big thanks to Max's Restaurant and Bright Ideas for organizing this party. Happy Holidays!

PS - Please check sister's post (on her food blog, Tara, Let's Eat!) about this party to see more pictures, including dishes served by Max's Restaurant, as well as food served at RedBox.

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