Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Year Older

Birthday GirlMom and I Bro and Sis

My rest day at work usually falls on Sundays, but I asked my boss if I could have another rest day last Monday because it was my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with my family. About two months ago, I sort of decided to celebrate it by having either lunch or dinner at Bigoli because they serve affordable Italian dishes (and we still haven’t dined there), but a few days before my birthday, my siblings and I saw that Kangaroo Jack just opened, so we went there instead. My sister and I are trying to cut back on our food intake and mom’s sugar and cholesterol levels are quite high, so instead of ordering a lot of food, we decided that we go for our own choice of meals. For this celebration we had:


Nachos - Yes, we decided to go for our own meals, but brother wanted to have some pica-pica while waiting for our meals, hence this appetizer. It was quite interesting that they used sliced finger chilies instead of jalapeno peppers, and I loved that this seemed to have two types of cheeses, giving it more flavor. All of us raved about this one; good thing brother decided to go for this.

Meatballs Pasta

Meatballs Pasta - Mom’s choice. At first she was like, “Just three meatballs?!?” but when she cut it up into little pieces, she appreciated it more. Nothing special about the sauce, but I liked the meatballs because it didn’t have that much extenders.

Beef Morcon

Beef Morcon - Brother’s meal. Brother’s eyes lit up when this was served; all the more was he pleased when he saw that his serving of morcon was taken from the end part of the “beef log” because it meant he ate more beef and less of the stuffing. The beef meat was fork tender, it was seasoned well (loved that citrusy hint), and it tasted great with the vegetable sidings.

Bangus ala Kieve

Bangus ala Kieve - Sister’s Meal. At first she chose to go for Fish and Chips, but went for this instead because it was something new for her. I wasn’t able to taste this (as I am not that much into fish), but sister said she liked it because the bangus belly had a slightly thicker fat.

Steak and Egg

Steak and Egg -  Kangaroo Jack boasts their steaks, so why not try their steak? They have different types to offer, but I personally love eggs, so it didn’t take me long before I decided what meal I would want to have for my birthday. The steak wasn’t that thick, but it wasn’t paper thin either, so overall, I was okay with it. The taste was good, too!

Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberry Iced Tea - Sister was the first one to choose her drink (Kangaroo Jack offers iced tea in different flavors), and when brother noticed that a pitcher of  iced tea meant saving 5 pesos and getting more drink (5 glasses), he decided to go for the pitcher instead. I don't know if they have their own blend or this is a store bought powdered tea, but we all liked it.

Twenty four. I am now starting to feel old. Hahaha.

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