Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Guess It's a Blessing in Disguise

Okay... so obviously, I failed my last week's goals and challenges miserably. I am to blame for not passing it, but of course, I do have my reasons-slash-excuses.

When mom came home last Monday afternoon, she told us that she went to the company's main branch to process some documents (she's retiring from work next year), which included a few health-related ones. When she had her blood pressure checked, it registered at 170-over-something, which caused a little concern. The doctor gave her an endorsement letter, which she could use at the Capitol Medical Center for an executive check up. There will be lots of tests, so mom opted to be admitted, just so we won't go back and forth to the hospital.

Her blood pressure was normal the entire stay at the hospital. We figured the sudden spike in the BP was caused by the shrimps she ate for lunch a few minutes (she loves to sip the shrimps' heads, which is high in cholesterol) before her BP was taken and that she walked from the food place to the doctor's office in a very hot, sunny afternoon. It was such a big sigh of relief that her BP is not really a problem and that she doesn't have any heart ailments, although the tests indicated certain health problems.

Her blood sugar was high and wasn't controlled for the last three months, which means she is now diabetic. She was given a prescription for Metformin for three weeks and will have another blood test after to check if there will be any changes. Tests also showed some gall stones due to high cholesterol level. It's not really alarming as surgery wasn't needed, although of course she now has to watch her food intake.

It's no use to wallow over negative aspects, I know. All we gotta do is embrace the situation and make adjustments as we live for the present and the future. My mom's health situation is quite worrying, but putting on the "positive attitude," I see this as a blessing in disguise in the sense that her change in diet will also allow us in the family to change our diet, too.

It's a new month. My weight hasn't changed (I'm still at 211lbs), and although I didn't do any exercises today, I was able to go back to the 1/2 cup rice and weighed viand. For tonight's dinner, I had 50g of lean beef with 2 chunks potatoes and carrots and tomato sauce + half a serving of milkfish (cooked in sour broth). I also had a slice of papaya for desserts. Surprise among surprises, brother also measured his rice intake to 1 cup.

While we can't monitor what mom will eat at work, I am quite pleased that all of us are now taking a step towards healthy eating, and I am sure this will help a lot in my weight loss journey, too.

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