Monday, June 18, 2012

My Posh Nail Polish | Jade

It's been quite a while since I last shared an image of my painted nails. Well, I actually decided to cut my nails not too long ago because some chipped off already and I wanted to start anew.

My Posh Nail Polish (Jade) My Posh Nail Polish (Jade)
My Posh Nail Polish (Jade)

When my nails have grown a bit, I decided to paint it green, just because this bottle of nail polish has been in our container for about a month or two and I still haven't blogged it.

This nail polish is by My Posh. One of the cheapest nail polish I got to buy, I loved it because it was easy to apply. However, my biggest problem with this nail polish is that it bubbles way too easily, so whenever I use this brand, I always polish my nails in the dining area where there are no windows. Despite that problem, I still consider buying this brand because even if I don't put a top coat on, the polish last one full week before it chips off (I do house chores, by the way).

World Balance Flip Flops

In one of my posts, I mentioned I bought a new pair of flip flops. This pair by World Balance is made of hard plastic... I admit I bought it because it was cheap and looked sturdier compared to the rubber flip flops. At first I thought it would be uncomfortable using it (walking long distance), but it was actually comfortable to use. Sure the material is hard, but it's so flat that I find it easy to use.

Trying on Some Footwear Trying on Some Footwear

Last Tuesday, us girls went to the mall to watch a movie then after, we roamed around to window shop. As always, us sisters went to try on some footwear and I had my cellphone to take a quick picture. These two designs are by Skechers... both looked good, but if I have to make a choice, I might go for the one on the left.

Trying on Some Footwear Trying on Some Footwear

The left one is by Charcoal... I have been a fan of their designs since then, but I still haven't had the chance to actually buy one pair. :) The one on the right was by Grendha... looked good, but not my type of Grendha design.

In the past few days, my sister and I bought about 4 new bottles of nail polish. I only paint my nails once per week, so these new nail polish will be shared in the future.


  1. Love your nail color, It's been a long time since I color my nail and today you give an idea. I'll buy new set of nail polish for my nails. Very cute.

  2. wow, it looks really dainty, I love the idea of green nails, i am planning to have one before the week end. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you again next green monday.



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