Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Beck Diet Solution: Day 9

I have been a lazy blogger lately, I know... but I still haven't thrown in the towel yet. In fact, I am gathering all the motivation and inspiration I can get.

Before I move to Day 9 of The Beck Diet Solution, I would just like to update a little something about Day 6 - Finding a Diet Coach. I have said that Mr. Pipoy is no longer my Diet Coach, but the past few days has been awesome for me as the people I encounter with online are very supportive with my journey, and now I can name three people who are my diet coaches. They aren't real friends (yet) as they are people I meet online, but apart from the usual exchange of stories about different matters, these people would take the time to ask me how is my journey going... what I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I feel happy that even if one person stopped "caring" about how I am, there are still people who are supportive and caring.

So now... Day 9.


True, some people lose weight just by dieting, but regardless of our physical condition, I am sure you'll agree that we all need to exercise. Some exercise benefits printed on the book:
  • Exercise helps you stick with your diet.
  • Exercise might help control appetite.
  • Exercise boosts mood and soothes stress.
  • Exercise burns calories.
  • Exercise preserves muscle tissue.
  • Exercise builds confidence.
  • Exercise makes you feel better physically.
  • Exercise improves your health and helps prevent disease.
All the points raised above, I agree with. I felt I eat less whenever I exercise, I feel less sluggish, and I have more stamina to walk longer, even climb the stairs without panting that much. Exercise has to be a big part of my journey because I am a very big woman; if I just go for dieting, I'd sure have a lot of saggy skin. Well, I do exercise and I still have loose skin, what more if I don't?

Dr. Beck mentioned about two types of exercises: Spontaneous and Planned Excercises. Spontaneous Exercises as the word suggested are those we do spontaneously - like parking far from the entrance of the building so one can walk, or taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Planned Exercises are those we stick to like daily walks / jog / run or hiring a personal trainer.

Exercise surely is something we all should do, but not all of us have the privilege of time and some people have to consider factors - like taking care of kids or having physical limitations... but as what they say, "If there's a will, there's a way."

As for me, the spontaneous exercises I think I will do is to get up from my seat every hour to walk around the house and drink water or use the toilet and walking from the house to the market and back at home. My planned exercises are those listed on my exercise schedule.

One pal who works at the gym told me success in weight loss is 70% diet, but 30% still has a big share, so it shouldn't be taken for granted.


  1. waaahhhi love to exercise kaso i dont have enough time..

  2. I hope you will succeed with your diet and exercise plan! God bless! ;)

  3. Agree ako dyan! To lose weight, one should really go on a healthy diet and not just exercise or go to the gym! :)

  4. I hate to say this but I have neglected my fitness routine for the past few days, but I'm fighting the laziness blues and working my ass off now. And I agree with what you posted and most importantly " improves your health and helps prevent disease."


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