Monday, June 4, 2012

Starting Again... Alone


What a nice opener for a post, eh? Well, I admit I always am lazy this year and slowly, weight is catching up on me. It's now another month and I am doing another set of goals. For this month, there is one big change happening to me that will have an impact on my journey. I just want to make it on the record... I am officially single now; Mr. Pipoy and I broke up already. Now, more than a lover, he is also my fitness buddy, so me being single means I am now on this journey alone.


Goals for the month of June will be the same as what I wrote on this post, with the exception of the very last entry. One good change, though is trying out new things, which I hope will help me reach my goals. About two months ago, I was able to buy a book for arm exercises, and at the end it provided a two-week plan. I love this book because it's detailed and it provided warming up and cooling down exercises.

Different exercises were provided, which are divided into the two-week program. Since I plan to do arm exercises MWF, it will be a four week program for me. I will start on Wednesday since I wasn't feeling good today and tomorrow, I will attend an event, which means I am out all day.

Now all I need is to find another set of exercises I can do for the thighs and legs, but I am currently reading something about MetaFit, and maybe I can do that.

Another chapter of my life starts. I am alone, but that doesn't mean I am defeated.

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