Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recapping Life's Events

Before, I update this blog everyday telling bits and pieces of my life on a daily basis. I miss that. I miss filling my camera with lots of images - both good and bad - for I know documenting it would mean a lot in the future. Anyway, trying to leave bad emotions behind me, will just recap some life events for now... and hopefully, I can get myself together today, so tomorrow I can start with a new chapter of my life - focusing on making myself better.

My Family

13 May 2012
Family celebrated two special occasions today: Mother's day and my 32nd birthday. Us siblings wanted to eat at the newly opened Mooon Cafe (yep, three Os), but brother wanted to use his voucher for the Max's Restaurant "4 Sharing Meal," to save on money. Mommy decided to go back home right after, while us siblings just roamed around the mall then we had a little Milk Tea party before going home.

Dinnertime, we celebrated my birthday and I cooked typical birthday dishes - spaghetti, spring rolls and served ice cream and cake, too.

Malabon Kulinarya Festival

15 May 2012
I got invited to the first ever Malabon Kulinarya Festival - something I didn't miss because I am a big fan of Malabon food. It was a happy day spending time with bloggers - some I met before, others I met for the first time. Aside from sampling different food products, we were also treated to a sumptuous lunch.

*picture grabbed from Juan Manila of thejuantraveler.blogspot.com*

Me Wearing Firmoo Eyeglasses

21 May 2012
I read on a blog somewhere that Firmoo Optical is giving free eyeglasses for bloggers, so I sent them a message as my current pair of eyeglasses is now 4 years old and is showing signs for retirement. I was very pleased to have the eyeglasses delivered here at home, but for some reason, I had to pay a certain fee to the post man. Well, it is much better than having to pick up the parcel at the main post office - I read messages from co-bloggers that aside from the base fee, they were also asked to pay taxes for the goods. I don't understand certain post office laws - why do people have to pay taxes for goods given to them for free - but anyway, I guess it is what it is.

Yummy Eats 2012 Yummy Eats 2012

26 May 2012
Sister and I attended Yummy Eats 2012 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati. We sampled a whole lot of food - savory, sweet, and some beverages... and we were so full!

The Bellevue Manila

27 May 2012
Sister reported to work last night and waited for me lunch time today because we booked a room at the Bellevue Manila (it was a complimentary stay for us, actually - I just picked this day to stay there). We were checked in around 2pm, and we roamed around the hotel for pictures for a while before I let her catch some sleep.

We had dinner at the Phoenix Court (a Chinese restaurant) then after a while, we went to the Mandarine Spa for our one-hour massage, the very first spa massage I had.


28 May 2012
The next day, we had a very awesome tummy-filling breakfast at Cafe d'Asie, then shortly after, we went to the pool at the Tower Wing to enjoy the water. My sister has a shift at work at 3pm, so by 10am, we went to fix ourselves and had an early lunch, still at Cafe d'Asie.

It was a very wonderful stay. It was one of the biggest blessings that came to me as a blogger.

Pundaquit, Zambales

02 June 2012
Mom and I traveled to Zambales with some of her colleagues at work. Our destination was Anawangin Cove, but with Typhoon Ambo causing heavy rains and winds every now and then, we weren't given the go signal to take the boat going to Anawangin. We just stayed at a cottage in Pundaquit, and come afternoon we decided to just travel back home.

It was sad that I am that close to paradise yet I wasn't able to see it, but then again, I was happy and thankful to be there. Hopefully by August, we can travel back there again.

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