Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shopping Day with Sister

Sister's day off at work is during Sundays and because she didn't like staying at home during her rest days, we decided to go out and go to the mall today.

Black Peep Toe Shoes Black Peep Toe ShoesStrappy Wedge Strappy Wedge Strappy Wedge

My sister loves shoes - she always has a budget for shoes, and roaming around, she asked if we could stop by People are People shop. This was my first time to enter it and as my sister started trying on some shoes, I also checked the Sale Rack for shoes that would fit me.

This black peep toe and animal print strappy wedge shoes caught my interest right away. I don't really like trying on some shoes this high, but once, I remember my dear friend Lon told me weight has nothing to do with wearing high heeled shoes, I thought I'd give it a try. Well, it will still take a lot of time for me to get used to it.

What I loved was that these shoes on sale are only p700 per pair. Very stylish and pretty without the hefty price tag. Well, I just hope by the time I am slightly lighter, there will be these affordable shoes I can buy... part of my goals is to wear dresses and sexy shoes!

Sisters' Shopping Day

Of course, sister and I did buy some items:
  • Flip Flops at p135 (World Balance) - Only two styles left, I decided to go for the green one as I don't really go for green footwear that much; I just feel it's time to go a little different now.
  • Lavender and Metallic Purple Nail Polish at p48 each (Etude House) - Sister and I went to Etude House and seeing that some of their nail polish are less than p50 each, I decided to buy two bottles. 
  • Baking Powder BB Foam Wash at p348 (Etude House) - Sister's purchase. When she bought an eyeliner at Etude House, she was given a sachet of this facial wash as a freebie. It was such a good product that sister was convinced to go and buy the big tube of it.
  • Gray Nail Polish at p98 (Etude House) - Sister asked me for another bottle of nail polish and I went for gray. I am not sure why this is pricier than the ones I bought... but... sister still went for it.
  • Maroon Brassier at p100 (Cinderella) - Cinderella has a sale and I am currently updating my closet so I decided to buy this. I won't tell you its size, of course. Hahaha.

It sure is great to be with my sister. 

Oh... the individual blog posts about the flip flops, nail polish, and facial wash will be share in the days to come.

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