Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Me in Aeropostale

My sister isn't one fashionable woman she admits, but she does know things about brands and when she started this budding habit of shopping online and checking out sale for clothes she can use (as she lost some weight and felt the need to update her wardrobe), she is now checking the labels first before deciding if she would buy it or not.


One brand that she is quite fascinated at the moment is Aeropostale, and I truly don't know what made her like it, but whenever she sees a piece of Aeropostale clothing at a prize she sees reasonable, she'd buy it.

The purple pair of shorts I am wearing in the picture above, she thrifted for p35. It's a size small, but she still bought it for herself because of the brand. When she got home and tried it on, she immediately took it off and gave it to me. The top, she bought at an online shop for p100. It's a size large, and she bought it without hesitations because if the shorts got to fit her and it was small, so she felt size large would fit her good. Well, I guess the shirt cut is for teens or something because it was way too small for her, and she gave it to me...again. Well, she told me she'd just allow me to use it and she will take it back when she loses more weight, but... I am 150lbs, she's 200lbs (yep, she gained weight) and I think it will take a looong time before she can have this back.

Oh well, just two Aeropostale clothes, but I feel she's just testing the waters (checking her size). I know that when she finds that right size for her, she'd buy more. Makes me remember the time she became a little addicted to Penshoppe.

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