Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's Up With Me?

My life wasn't as eventful as it was a few months ago... but since I haven't updated life events lately, I might as well just make an update now...


19 April 2012

The day I arrived from La Union, my brother and I went to SM Megamall to attend a food event hosted by Bar-B-King. We got to see familiar faces as well as meet new people... and yes, we also got to eat great food! :)

This picture I grabbed from the blogger with the red camera (you can see her reflection in the mirror), but I apologize because I wasn't able to get her blog's URL for proper credit. Well, big thanks for this picture!

28 April 2012

Another foodie event I attended - this time at Manang's Chicken - Tomas Morato branch. It was the launching of their newest dessert, the Velvet Sundae, but of course they also served us something savory, which served as our lunch.

I got there quite early and at first I didn't know any of the attendees, but when Ning (the woman I am with in the picture) arrived, I felt "at home" already... and soon, more and more familiar bloggers arrived. Before I went home, I stopped by a boutique and bought myself a pair of denim shorts. :)

Optical Shop

02 May 2012

I went to the bank to pay for some online purchases, and since I was already in Lagro, I asked brother to accompany me to the optical shop to have my eyes checked because it's been a month or so when I contacted an online store selling eyeglasses and since I need to submit my prescription, I had to talk to my optometrist.

The pair of eyeglasses I am using I had in 2008. With so much time spent in front of the computer, I am most certain my eye grade would be higher, but the optometrist said that my eye grade is still the same. Wow! :) That is something to be thankful about.

Max's Restaurant Press Con

04 May 2012

Another foodie event attended with brother - this time for the press con of the newest promo by Max's Restaurant. It's for Mother's Day, and part of the event was an activity wherein attendees have to answer a question, "What do I love most about my mom?" I just answered it from the bottom of my heart, and I was one of three winners of Max's Restaurant GCs worth 1000 pesos. Wow!

It was an awesome event... my brother and I shared the table with bloggy friends Vance, Alwin, Rain, and cousin Marge with Jonel... and we just shared lots of laughter.

After the event, brother and I went to different shops - just window shopping, and I got to enter this cool vintage shop... the plates and books are so tempting, yet I didn't have money for it.

Hanson Day 2012Hanson Day 2012 Hanson Day 2012

06 May 2012

Seventeen years ago on this day, Hanson's album "Middle of Nowhere" was released and it was officially named Hanson Day. Us fans here in the Philippines celebrate it yearly - be it with other fans or just doing our own celebration, but for the last three years, fansons from Hanson Philippines celebrate it as a group, and this year we celebrated it at the Jalapeno Cantina Mexicana, and our theme was "No Sleep for Banditas," taking inspiration from the band's newest project, "No Sleep for Banditos." There were about 40 fansons who attended the event - we ate, we played games, we drew names for raffle, and we had lots of pictures. It was a very fun event, and I got to meet new fans. I was happy because this year has been a great year for us fansons - meeting them and watching them play live last March, and now celebrating Hanson Day on the actual date (as we celebrated it either earlier or later in the past years).

This week is my week to adjust. Trying to get back to old fitness routines as well as old eating habits... and come next week, I will be back on track. Expect then to read about my food and exercise journal again.

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  1. So happy to see you today over at THANKFUL THURSDAY, I loved seeing the pictures, it allowed me to get a glimpse further into your grateful heart. ((blessings))


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