Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Health Cards

While in La Union, the kids in the house were playing a game and while watching them, I noticed that each card didn't just have a beautiful picture, it also had nice words that could spark a good motivation.

Good Health Cards

These are called the "Good Health Cards." I don't know which manufactured these, but it was just so good, I knew I had to jot down every word, since I don't own the cards. In random order...

Good health -
  • nurtures your potential,
  • is a feast for your senses,
  • take a team effort,
  • defies gravity,
  • is sunscreen chic,
  • speaks to your senses,
  • starts the day with a smile,
  • is spontaneous,
  • points you at the right direction,
  • plays for keeps,
  • looks to the future,
  • is infectious,
  • is like a bowl of blueberries,
  • is a trusted friend,
  • is poetry in slow motion,
  • takes advantage of every opportunity,
  • puts some color in your cheeks,
  • serves you well,
  • gives points for style,
  • strikes a balance,
  • whets the appetite,
  • beats the drive-thru any day,
  • exercises the funny bone,
  • equips you for life,
  • is best with a twist,
  • takes the board out of the boardroom,
  • is one tough cookie,
  • lets the sunshine in,
  • builds on your potential,
  • comes in handy,
  • puts the ball in your court,
  • is always in season,
  • wants you to come out and play,
  • paves the road ahead,
  • takes guts,
  • gets your motor running,
  • looks forward to a new day,
  • works for everyone,
  • needs your attention,
  • loves company,
  • build inner strength,
  • is supportive,
  • is seeking the possibilities,
  • knocks the shot out of the blues,
  • is well within reach,
  • helps your garden grow,
  • is savoring the moment,
  • lifts you off your feet,
  • raises expectations,
  • is an angel on your shoulder.

See... good health does a lot to life, so we all need to strive to have it. Cheers to the good health!

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