Friday, April 13, 2012

April Weigh In

I weighed myself at the start of the month, but like I said on my previous posts, I usually gain weight whenever I travel, so I told myself I'd waive April off and start anew come May.

When we got home from Ilocos last Monday, I started feeling bad. I thought it was just because I ate too much during travel and I wasn't able to flush it off my system as my body would tend to feel shy to use the toilet, so getting home was my way of finally taking the time to get rid of the toxins. Sadly, my bowels became softer and softer. I didn't fully mind it as I am always like this, but the other day, it became a lot worse to the point that I was fearing it might be amoebiasis. Checking online for the symptoms, diarrhea was the only thing I have, so I dismissed it. I can't eat and drink okay because my body would flush it out right after putting it in, so my weight became unstable within the week.

I got a little better yesterday and I was able to eat good. I tried to eat more than I should, just to replenish myself with the nutrients. My bowels are still very soft today, but I am glad I don't visit the toilet as frequent as I did the other day.

This morning, I weighed myself and I am back to my weight at the start of the month, so I figured I'd go ahead and share my current weight:


I lost a pound from the previous month... something I am not so proud of (because I still haven't totally got back on track), but something that made me happy because despite the food trips, the laziness and the bumming around, I lost a pound.

Tomorrow, I will travel to La Union and will stay there 'til Wednesday. I don't have much plans to go around as I still am not feeling 100% okay, but I will try to give this vacation a good shot. I admit since I got home I lost interest in many things, but I hope I will be very okay.

The next half of the month, I will try to get back to doing my morning walk and jog, and go back to doing Hip Hop Abs. I noticed that even if I lost weight, my tummy's getting bigger and I am not liking it.

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