Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Etude House Nail Polish | PK009

Etude House Nail Polish Etude House Nail Polish

Like what sister shared on her last post, we went to Etude House in Market! Market! because sister had to purchase something. Since I am not buying anything, I just took the time trying out different products, but I was sort of glued to the nail polish side as it is one of my current addictions. Sister wanted the red shade, but it what they had was the bigger (and much expensive) bottle, so in the end sister bought the dark pink shade.

Etude House Nail Polish Etude House Pink Nail Polish

Etude House Nail Polish

The formula is slightly thicker than the local brands I tried, but it was easy to apply. Although, after painting two nails, I feel the need to close the bottle and shake it again because the formula can be a little too thick.

What I didn't like was that the polish can peel or chip off easily. Just a day after I had the polish on, the sides and upper part of my nails chipped off. Comparing this to the local brand I last used, I think I will go for the local brand... but I still would like to own some Etude House nail polish - maybe I'd go for their matte polish next time.

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