Monday, November 11, 2013

Bobbie Premium Nail Creme | Blue Flash

I remember back when I first shared a swatch of Bobbie Premium Nail Creme, I checked their website and saw bottles with transparent labels. The image was of their Glitter Collection, and since Christmas is just around the corner, might as well share the collection, even if I still haven't found one of its shades.


There are two shades of blue in the collection, so let me start with one. Blue Flash was an instant favorite because even if I am not a fan of blue, I loved just how rich it was. The glitters are of silver powdery kind, and it gave the liquid sand feel... making this somewhat different from the rest of the collection.

The lacquer was very pigmented, but the formula was a little liquidy and has the tendency to pool on the cuticles. I think the formula was typical for this brand, but I do love that it was easy to work with.

Untitled Untitled

On my nails are three coats of Blue Flash - one thin coat and two thick coats, allowing the second coat to dry overnight before applying the third coat. These images didn't have topcoat because I wanted to have the grainy texture on my nails, but a day or two after I applied top coat just to try it out. It was just so interesting - without top coat it was grainy, but when I applied the top coat it dried really flat, as if the glitters were part of the color and not just added on the lacquer. Also, adding a topcoat highlighted the glitters more, making it look like powdered minerals or gems.

Blue is not a choice of color for me, but this is just so pretty that I think this would make top 10 nail polishes I have tried this year.

* Jenn *


  1. Love the blue! And it's interesting how different some polishes look with top coat. I have a hard time *not* wearing top coat because my nails chip like crazy without it, but sometimes, it's frustrating when I like a polish better without the top coat. Oh, the nail problems, amIright? ;)

  2. That would be perfect for a galaxy mani!! Love it :)


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