Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Boracay Weekend, Day 2

Yeah, it's been months since our Boracay weekend, but my sister couldn't find the time to draft a blog post, so I decided to write it for her.

Us Three Girls

It was already past 1am when I went back to my room from the hotel/resort, and by 6am I was already up. The bed was very comfortable, but even if I would love to stay and enjoy the warm sheets, I knew this was the only full day we had in Boracay and I had to make the most out of it. I fixed myself and went out - walking around the big compound of the resort.

I had my breakfast alone as my mom and sister were together at a different resort, but by 9am, they were already with me - taking the free shuttle provided by the resort. Sister won't be staying with me at the resort, so she wanted to enjoy a little bit of the experience there. Then, us three took the shuttle back to the main beach area of Boracay, and stayed in my sister's hotel/resort for a while before we went to the nearby beach.

Me! Mommy Sisterette
Mom and I

It was a rainy weekend and I admit I was saddened at how the beach looked like. A few months ago when I was there the beach of Boracay was one of the most beautiful I have seen - no waves... it was like a massive salt water pool. On this day, the water wasn't clear, the waves were strong, and I felt bad that my mom and my sister's first Boracay experience was like this.

The clouds stopped crying for a while, allowing us to enjoy the beach. I told the girls I wanted us to go island hopping since boatmen were offering services for only 1500 pesos - a big drop of fee from the 5200 pesos offered to K and I when we were there just two months before. However, the winds and waves were strong that we decided not to push through with it. As much as I was happy to be experiencing this with my mom and sister, I just couldn't help but be sad that we couldn't do anything but cope up with the ever changing weather.

My mom said it was okay, that the important thing was we were there - we set foot in Boracay, and being there was reason enough to make this a worthwhile trip. My sister understood how I felt, but told me she still found the place very beautiful and would want to go back again. Despite the rain and the chilly wind, she considers Boracay a paradise.


After eating lunch, we stayed in sister's room, watched TV... and by 3PM we went out to have some refreshments and check shops to buy souvenirs. Time went by so fast that time - we were just checking shops and already it was time to eat dinner... then walking by the shore for a while and it was already 9PM. Mom and I stayed with sister 'til midnight - taking the last shuttle service back to the resort where I stayed at.

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I am sure by now you already heard about the destruction typhoon Haiyan brought to my country. Recalling my holiday with K last June, we had plans that didn't push through, and both of us were wondering, had we had our holiday in November like our past holidays, weather might have been better. When Typhoon Haiyan happened, K and I were thankful that our holiday wasn't scheduled for November because if ever we were in Iloilo or Boracay when the typhoon struck, for sure it would send both our families in panic. For a while, Boracay didn't have any ways of communications, while places in Iloilo were affected as well. On the other hand, had we scheduled the holiday this month and we were together when this happened, then we would be one of the volunteers. In a way, K felt a little helpless because he wanted to help but he was halfway around the world far away. Good thing his country is also one of those that extended help and he just sent his donations through it.

In behalf of my fellow countrymen, I am extending our deepest gratitude to everyone who extended their help and thoughts.

* Jenn *

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