Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boracay Weekend, Day 3

Time to wrap up our Boracay weekend.

With my mom staying with my sister Jenn, it was just I who ate breakfast. Sister suggested I walk over Real Coffee and try their Calamansi Muffin, but when I got there they were only accommodating orders. My guess was that maybe because it was an off-peak season, the Cafe didn't want to stock up on muffins that would only get lapse. I didn't have that much money, so I decided to eat at Andok's Manok and walked along the shore while waiting for sister and mom to arrive.

They arrived around 9:30AM, and told me that I needed to pack my things because by 11AM, staff of Southwest Tours would pick us up. They availed their services so we would have easy travel from Boracay to Kalibo Airport, to assure that we won't be late for our flight back to Manila.

Sister and Mom
Lemon i Cafe - Boracay

We had early lunch at Lemon i Cafe, ending this weekend with a bang. Jenn and I both have Enjoy Philippines card, and we both availed of the voucher giving us the privilege to buy two main dishes for the price of one. It was a very heavy lunch, but something that sustained us for a long day again.

Tiger Airways - Kalibo Airport

By the time we reach Kalibo Airport, we already feared the worst - that this would be another delayed flight, and we were correct. When we lined at the Check-In counter, we were told that our flight would be delayed. The plane that would take us back to Manila encountered a problem when it skidded on the runway. We were told that we just had to wait because our flight back to Manila would be determined after investigators give the plane a go signal.

Keeping it Cool at the Airport

A few days ago, Jenn was upset that our flight got delayed, even blaming herself for the hassle. This time, she said that even if she was upset, she didn't feel guilty at all because even if the cause of the delay was the plane that would take us back to Manila, all airlines were delayed - meaning, even if booked at a different airline, we would still be stuck at the airport.

We arrived at the airport around 2PM, and it was only around 9 or 10PM when the airline provided us with food. It was difficult to sit on the floor (as the airport was full of people) - waiting for people to vacate the seats so we could sit properly, but we were actually okay. Sure it was upsetting, but with so many people to look at, it was also like given front row tickets to the many facets of people.

By 11PM, the boarding area of the airport started to clear out. We laid out our bags across the bench so mom could lie down and catch up on sleep, while sister and I drain our batteries playing games.

Super Delayed Flight
Boarding at 3AM

It was 3AM when we finally boarded the plane - a different one. Most people on our flight already purchased different tickets from different airlines. We decided to stay as we don't have anything to do anyway, and honestly, we already stayed there for a long time, what's the trouble of waiting for more time?

By 7AM we were already home. We were very thankful to be home, safe and sound.

It wasn't the best of all trips, but I loved it. I loved the feeling of seeing Boracay, and I loved the experience despite of the many setbacks. I am encouraging mom and sister to travel there again, but the next time we do, I am praying it will be a great trip.

* Jesz *

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