Sunday, July 29, 2012

Plans, Goals, Challenges (29 July - 04 August)

Yesterday, I wrote that I'd share my stats today, but I realized I can't share it just yet because it's only the 29th of July and I really would like to update my stats ever first of the month. However, the first of August will fall on a Wednesday, so while the stats will be shared on that day, my plans, goals, and challenges will be posted today - a start of a brand new week.

CFC Ancop Global Walk

Biggest motivation and plan this week is to get my myself the warming up it needs to prepare for this event. Yes, I do hope to join a fun run or a marathon, but as they say - "You gotta learn to walk before you can learn how to run." Actually, I wanted to join this event last year because it's for charity and it would be an awesome experience, but when I saw the registration form in brother's room, the event already ended. This year, mom wanted to join, but didn't really tell me about it, it was sister who asked me to join. Given the fact that I wanted to join since last year, answering the registration form for this year's event got me all excited.

Mom told me the walk might be more or less 5 kilometers - quite long... but walking from our place to Colinas Verdes and back also takes the same distance, so I know I can handle it. Still, I have to prepare my body for it.

Colinas Verdes

This week, I want to lose a pound or two. I already opened the carton of milk, so I need to empty it in a week so I'd get my money's worth... so my diet plans, goals and challenges include:
  • Eat 30g of Fitnesse cereals + 250ml. milk for breakfast.
  • No street food.
  • No processed/canned meat except for canned tuna and sardines.
  • No junk food - includes instant noodles.
  • A slice of papaya per meal (as desserts).
  • A bottle of Yakult everyday.
  • Just a cup of coffee everyday.
  • Go back to the rules of meals - 1/2 cup of rice, 75g max for fish and seafood, 50g max for meats.
As for the fitness side of things...
  • Morning walk/jog in the morning - as long as it's not raining.
  • Stick with the fitness routines (video workouts, etc).
  • Walk to the market and back home every late afternoon.
I aim to lose 1 - 2 lbs. this week. I can do this. I will do this.

Happy new year to me!

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