Saturday, July 28, 2012

Making a Comeback

Well hello there!

Yeah, I know, another post about why I am not updating this site... well, actually, all of my sites aren't updated regularly because life threw a curve ball and I became a little stressed about it. Last night, I tackled the issue and I am looking forward to better days. 

Fun Run? NahhhWith Brother With Brother With Brother

I wasn't all lazy, actually. I did try to get back to the morning walk/jog routine, though at times I didn't get to do that because the country's been experiencing typhoons. On a positive note, I am very glad and thankful that my brother is becoming more enthusiastic about it - he'd even send me a text message early in the morning to wake me up and help me get up so we could go to Colinas Verdes to walk.

Food is a struggle, I admit. Watching a lot of DVD, thinking so much about the problems caused me to eat more than I should and I am gaining weight slowly. A funny realization, though - It's going to be August in a few day's time and it's my personal New Year again. So... I figured, it should be cool to get back on track and try to stay regardless of the struggles.

Actually, a lot of the people I know from the blogosphere are now trying to get fit and I want to join them in their journey - even if it means doing it on my own as I can't join this one group because of my location. Well, like what Mr. Pipoy told me, my focus has to be about myself, so even if I will be physically alone, I should really make myself my own companion.

Welcome me back into the journey.
Goals, plans, and stats will be posted tomorrow.

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