Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My New Camera Bag

When I bought my camera (Canon Powershot SX130is) December of 2010, it didn't come with a camera case (like the previous ones I bought). For the longest time, I used a cloth vanity kit as it's home and while it was a good choice, it wasn't really that good to protect my camera, and when the upper lens cover got loose, I knew it was time to find a sturdy camera bag as I really don't plan to replace my camera anytime soon, I want to hold on to it for as long as I can.

Months ago, I saw a camera bag on sale on one of the Online Shops, but when I found out it was sold at p290, I immediately backed out because I felt it was quite expensive. I know it's still cheaper than buying a new one, but I am quite the very thrifty person and to buy a small bag for that much felt I could use the money to buy other things.

*image taken from Purses and Steals website*

Good things come to those who wait, I guess, because just recently, one of my favorite Online Shops - Purses and Steals - had a bag sale and in the album were three camera albums. Two were priced p120 and this one was priced p75, so I sent a message on this one - the p75 camera bag. I told the seller I will get this if the dimension is at least 5x3 inches. Within minutes, the seller responded and the camera bag was mine.

From the picture above, I wasn't sure what the brand was, but when I received the item...

Photobucket Photobucket

...I was surprised to know it was a Samsonite bag I just purchased. It wasn't brand new, it was what they call EUC or Excellent Used Condition, and it sure was in excellent condition! No visible damage, no problems at all! It was indeed a steal at p75.

I searched for "Samsonite Camera Bags" and I saw one similar looking bag, but the strap wasn't like the one I have - the pictures I saw online had the black with blue dashes on its strap (kinda like the one you see on the images above), while the one I bought had a thin black strap. It may be different, but I am actually thankful this bag came with a strap. The strap on this bag was made of synthetic vinyl (best guess), which won't get soaked with sweat during photowalks, so I am indeed thankful.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The main compartment was just the right size for my camera, but it also have a few more compartments. Obviously, there's this one at the front, which can be used to hold extra batteries, and opening the flap will reveal another compartment. As is, it can hold the cellphone, but when the zippers on the sides are pulled down, it has more spaces for little things - maybe for paper or bills.

Buying this bag was a blessing. Now that I am getting back into morning walks/jogs, this could be a good companion to put everything in one location - I don't have to worry about placing my camera and cell phone in my jogging pants' side pockets.

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