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ANCOP Global Walk 2012

ANCOP Global Walk 2012

Last weekend, my mom and I joined the Couples for Christ community (and its family ministries) for the ANCOP Global Walk 2012. This being the second year, the aim of this event is to send scholars to school. I learned about this event last year, but it was too late for me to join, so when mom told me she and her CFC Household will join, I told her to sign me up, too. Registration fee was p300 - which was technically your contribution to send the kids to school, but to make it fun and more satisfying, they organized this Walk.

Held at the Quirino Grandstand - the walk was 5 kilometers long (from Quirino Grandstand to Roxas Blvd. and back), but for there was also that one extra kilometer for people who are in a walking mood. :)


Before the walk started, there was a little warm - up to prepare the body. A little stretching and dancing...and we were ready to go!

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Reaching the 1st Kilometer mark made me ecstatic, really, but the distance between the 1st and the 2nd kilometer mark seemed to be quite long - people near me (and I, too) were wondering when will the 2nd Kilometer mark will greet us. 3rd Kilometer mark was a short walking distance - it felt like I was just walking and there it was, and I am guessing since we made a U-Turn at the 2nd Kilometer mark back to the Grandstand, it felt like a short walk since the surroundings were familiar to me already. Felt the same when we reached the 4th Kilometer mark, but I gotta tell that one last kilometer made me uncomfortable - NOT because I was tired, but because my feet was hurting. I decided to wear a new pair of running shoes and it was a teeny bit smaller to my usual shoe size.


Reaching the Finish mark was gratifying! Not only did I walk for my own health, I also got to spend the day with my mom, some people in our neighborhood (who are members of the CFC Community), and I helped send a kid to school.

The walk started at 5:54am, I crossed the finish line at 7:14am. 5 kilometers of slow walking (as there were a lot of people - I couldn't brisk walk) took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Wow, my walk/jog to and around Colinas Verdes was longer because I brisk walk and jog for 2 hours! Well, at least now I know my Colinas Verdes walk is much longer, all the more reason for me to get back to it, now that skies have cleared up.

Three of the few pictures I took during the walk -

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

A wife and her husband walking hand in hand - so sweet!
A faraway shot of the Sofitel Hotel,
and a shot of the Rizal Monument.

Reasons why walking is fun.

Parting shot.


I grabbed this from the CFC ANCOP Facebook Page - taken just a few meters away past the 4th Kilometer mark - photographers at the overpass asked us to stop for a moment to take this picture... originally shot in color, there were just so many people, so I decided to convert 99.99% of it to Black and White, so that I am the only one in color. Where was I? There I was. :)

Will I join next year's walk? You bet I am!

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