Monday, September 16, 2013

Caress Nail Polish - Wintermelon

Caress Nail Polish - Wintermelon

A very quick post for today, featuring Caress Nail Polish in Wintermelon.

As you can see, I have dark skin. I tend to shy away from nail polish shades that would make my skin look darker than it already is, but this nail polish was something my sister placed in the basket during one of my nail polish shopping days. It sort of resembles the 2% Milk shade by... was it Wet and Wild or Maybelline? and even if my skin tone and the nail polish don't tend to go hand in hand, I did like it.

First coat wasn't that beautiful, but adding a second coat leveled the shade perfectly. It tend to thicken as I applied it, so it was best to go with less strokes as possible. Drying time was just fine... but one thing I didn't like about Caress Nail Polish is that even if I applied the nail polish in the morning - giving me the entire day to dry it completely, I still wake up the next morning with hair marks on my nails. Saving grace is an application of a top coat, but I learned my lesson to photograph my Caress nail polished nails a few hours after I applied it, so it still looked fresh, that even if my nails had hair marks, I am already assured that I have a picture to share here on the blog.

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  1. Cool! I thought I read wintermelon milk tea... That is the exact color of one! Haha.


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