Friday, September 13, 2013

Chic Nail Color - Neon Purple

My love affair with nail polish seemed to be overtaken with my love affair with books. I still haven't bought a new bottle of nail polish for months now... but I still have a few bottles in my tray to swatch and blog about, so no need to panic for me just yet.

My share for this weekend is something I bought nearly a year ago. This brand has been in the market for generations, but to be honest, it is just now that I have tried it. I guess part of the reason for not buying this brand is it's price, because this is sold for about 36 pesos (slightly below 1usd), a little more expensive than the brands I usually buy. Well, the bottles are big compared to the typical 8ml ones, so I decided to try it.

This one is cold "Neon Purple," but it truly didn't look neon for me. Slightly on the jelly side, this one is super sheer that the first coat was hardly noticeable, but four thin coats allowed me to achieve the bottle color. The manufacturer of this brand also manufactures my trusted local nail polish brands, and upon trying this, I questioned myself why did I wait so long before I tried it out.

Application was very easy, it glided like butter on my nails, and the brush was just right to coat my nails with even nail polish. Although, when I used this, I had to go with four thin coats because going for thicker coats might result in bubbles.

I only have two Chic Nail Color bottles in my stash, but as soon as I go out and go for a nail polish haul, I will consider buying more of this brand.

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  1. This looks good on you! I generally stay away from their neon colors but I want to try this on. Hihi. I can't wait to see what you buy next.


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