Sunday, September 9, 2012

Questions 7 - 9

Continuing with the questions from Bob Greene's "Get With the Program."  

7. Are you afraid of change?

I am, I admit. I do love the promises of having a "healthy" body, but parts of my current state I am afraid to let go, which is why (I think) I always find myself at a pit stop way too long. Not that I use my weight as a shield to protect myself, as oftentimes I get hurt because of the way I was (or am, still) ridiculed because of my size and weight; the thing is, I often wonder... when I reach my goal weight, what will happen next?

Written Exercise
Write down three instance in which you successfully overcame your fear of change. Include when each occurred, how you overcame the fear, and how the experience changed your life.

Date: October 2011
I came to a realization that I gained back the 6lbs. I lost last August, so I set this as my comeback time. It was a change I welcomed freely, but challenge came with my family having to adjust with the changes I want to put in my life. They were very supportive, yes, but of course, them eating to their heart's content while I measure and weigh my food before I eat it was quite an adjustment.

Date: November 2011
I met and started dating Mr. Pipoy. Him coming into my life was a breathe of fresh air, but not having a boyfriend for years, having one was a frightening change. First few months of the relationship was a touch and go - as I have a lot of personality issues (I tend to be jealous, insecure...), but he was such a great man that he stayed with me until I slowly change my views in life.

Date: August 2012
Breaking up with a boyfriend will always be a painful part in every woman's life, but while our breakup wasn't that painful in my life, being "alone" was a change I didn't want. Thankfully, because our relationship wasn't known to all, the transition to singlehood was easy to do.

8. Do you typically choose immediate gratification over reaching your long-term goals?

At first I was. Every Sunday is my cheat day, and it was the day of the week that I let go of what I needed to do, and I'd gift myself with food. I guess I got lucky to have Mr. Pipoy as my boyfriend / fitness buddy at that time, because he was the one who taught me not to reward myself with food.

Written Exercise
Make a list of the things that you can do that will remind you of your long term weight loss goal.
  • Hanging the size 14 DKNY jeans I bought a few weeks backs where I can see it daily so it can motivate me to push through with my routines.
  • Make another set of Action Response Cards (The Beck Diet Solution) to remind myself of the many good things that will happen to me if I stick with my plans.
  • Place a picture of myself (when I was in high school) on my desk as another way of motivation.
9. Do you ever use your family, relationship, or work obligations as an excuse not to take care of yourself?

Yes I did... and at times I still do - like when I won't go out to walk because brother won't come with me. Sometimes I tend to be dependent, and I know it is something I needed to change. As Bob Greene said it, "From this point on, your health and well being must be considered absolutely sacred. Your daily workout is also sacred. It is a gift you give yourself."

Written Exercise
Create an "I am my own top priority" log. Starting now and for at least the next couple of weeks, simply jot down, each time you avoid letting family, relationship, or work obligations interfere with something you wanted to do for yourself.

*** Please check back this weekend for my answer to this. ***

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