Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Questions 4 to 6

This may sound as an excuse, but I think it's a valid one. I couldn't do anything but regulate my food intake because my wisdom tooth chipped off and I am in pain. I still can't visit the dentist as I was told that dentist won't extract any tooth if it's hurting, so I might have to endure the pain until such time I can have it extracted. Ouch.

For this time, let me just continue with the questions from the "Get with the Program" book by Bob Greene.

4. Are you often impatient with slow results?

I am, yes. It's the reason why I would try to lose weight for a few months, then stop... then gain back the weight and more... then repeat the cycle again. I am not sure if it's impatience or I'd drown myself in the triumph of losing a little weight that I'd stop.

Bob Greene mentioned about focusing on feeling better about ourselves - today! Let us all praise ourselves for each day that we stick with our chosen path to our goals, and that we should take the time to recognize improvements - no matter how small they are.

Written Exercise
Write down the things that make you happy and that you appreciate in your life - and how you can nurture them.

Appreciation: Having my family.
I don't have a lot to brag about, but God certainly blessed me with an awesome family. All of us treat each other like friends, but of course, we do respect each other as well. My family supports whatever choices/decisions I make - though at times they'd tease me whenever I try to start again and fail, but it was just to motivate me more to finally start with my program again. I love my family so much that each of my successes are dedicated to them.

Appreciation: Real friends.
It's easy to find pals and friends, but it surely is difficult to find real friends - the type that would stick with you even when the going gets tough, and those who wouldn't try to bring you down behind your back. With the way I earn my living working at home, I don't really have that much friends, but I do have a few whom I consider real friends. They are the ones who are not afraid to speak their minds out just to knock some sense into my mind, and the ones I can run to whenever I am happy or sad.

Appreciation: Colinas Verdes.
I don't earn much money, therefore I can't afford gym memberships. I am thankful and happy there's a place called Colinas Verdes where I can go to for morning walks. Not only do I get to walk and jog (at times), it was also a place where I can breathe fresh morning air, see nature and be motivated by the other walkers and joggers.

5. Do you ever consider giving up when you experience minor setbacks?

Guily. Sooooo guilty. Sometimes, the setbacks are easy to overcome, at times... I'd let myself off the hook and just partially throw in the towel, or maybe have a little "cooling off period." I guess hiding in my shell for so long - eating a lot, being a couch potato, I wasn't really used to the feeling of hardships of dieting and exercise. Last year, I got to learn that setbacks will always be there - I'd get sick, or I would travel, or there will be a lot of rain. The challenge then is to accept these setbacks, allow it to happen, and use it as a motivation to get back on track again.

Written Exercise
Write about any times that you encountered setbacks in your life and overcame them. Include the approximate dates that these events occurred. Include how you felt when you triumphed over these obstacles.

Actually, I have a lot of setbacks, and most of it, I wasn't really able to overcome quickly. As related to my answer in a previous question, I do give up quickly. I guess one setback I was able to get over quick was the setback I had last year - I started losing weight August 2011, just to lose whatever amount of weight I can lose because I went on a trip 25 August 2011. I was able to lose 6lbs., but when I got home from a week-long trip, I sort of forgot to get back with my weight-loss program, that when mom bought a weighing scale late September and weight myself on the first day of October, I realized I already gained back the 6lbs. I lost. It was such a wake up call that I went back to the program quickly. Stories about my day to day life since then has been documented on this blog.

6. Do you often procrastinate?

Do I? Hahaha. Yes, I do. I (most of the time) put things off for later. One thing I like about this book is that the author is very good at making his point, and if the reader's not open minded, then I guess some of the words would be difficult to accept.

One point about procrastination, "it is often really fear masked by laziness," and I couldn't agree more.

Another point Bob Greene stressed about: "If procrastination is an element of your health and weight issues, you will need to focus extra hard on the true source of your fears. What is keeping you from starting a program to bring increased health and happiness into your life? What are you afraid of? Identify it. Once you do, you will conquer one of your greatest obstacles."

Written Exercise
Make a list of all the things you need to do to begin fulfilling your commitment to this program.

* Buy 2 pieces of 1-lb dumbbells for me to carry and use while walking every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
* Buy three more jackets with pockets at the front where I could place the dumbbells while walking from house going to Colinas Verdes. (I can't carry the dumbbells with my hands while walking from our house to Colinas Verdes because I walk at the side of Quirino Highway - I gotta mind the cars, buses, and trucks passing by)
* Have a back up plan during rainy early mornings. I can't go out and walk/jog... what now?
* Replace my dinner plate with something blue or purple (as they say it suppresses the appetite) and smaller plate.
* Find a way to convert the "Insanity" workout my ex downloaded into a video playable to our DVD player as it would be difficult to do the workout using my 10-inch netbook; or maybe find a store that sells the Insanity Workout videos.

Bob Greene's final words for this lesson, "Above all, honor your commitment to yourself."

Yes I will!

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